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Please forgive us if you find this post annoying. We actually pretty speechless when find so many boob shaped products online. If you never see any of them, you might take a look these less serious designs. BOOB SHAPED KETTLE BELLS Designed by Ukraine based team at 306 Creative Communication Agency, these kettle bells are shaped to look like a nice set of boobs. These unusual kettle bells come in three sizes and three colors, looking like they try to make it for everyone.

A Mason jar is a molded glass jar with screw threads on its outer perimeter. It is widely used in canning to preserve food in our daily life. Due to its convient structure, there are many other products try to combine the features of mason jar with their own needs and create some interesting design in the shape of mason jar, such as drinking jars, oil candle jar. Take a look at the 7 Mason Jar Inspired Products in the post. And I have to see, have mason drinking jar at the picnic is a really awesome idea to avoid those annoying bugs.

To this day, bears play a prominent role in the arts, mythology, and other cultural aspects of various human societies. They are beloved by many people especially kids. Hence there are no wonder you can find many bear shaped products in our lives. They are not only toys for kids, but many other functional gadgets as well. Here, we rounded up 7 Cool and Cute Bear Shaped Products. Take a look and let us know which is your favorite one.

Wood, as the material mostly used in furniture, is not commonly seen in our daily appliances any more. Usually, we will use plastics because it is cheaper, easier to produce or steel because it is more durable. Technologies of producing beautiful things from wood suffered greatly. While in this post, we will bring up some interesting designs which are made out of wood. If you want to have something unusual and natural, take a look at following items and hope you enjoy.

For some reason, industrial designers like to use leaf-shape in their creation. There are many creative and beautiful designs around it. Maybe people just love to have some fresh and nature related things besides them to enlight their life. Take a look at the 5 Beautiful Leaf Shaped Products in this post, and find more on our previous post - cool leaf inspired designs.

Rose is something kindly essential to Valentine’s Day. Not matter it is real or just shape like it. Since Valentine’s Day is only two weeks away, as usual, we will bring you some interesting rose inspired design, for gift, for decoration or for eating. Take a look at 6 Beautiful Rose Inspired Products and hope you got some ideas to make a rosy Valentine’s Day. 1. 24K 6-Inch Gold Foil Rose [amazon]
The sword is said to be the emblem of military honor and should incite the bearer to a just and generous pursuit of honor and virtue. It is symbolic of liberty and strength. In these days, it is still beloved by many people and there are many sword inspired products designed to meet the need of holding a sword in hand. Here, we rounded up 7 Cool and Funky Sword Inspired Products Design, from bookends to chopsticks, from umbrella to toothpick.
Not sure are those really gifts for photography, but they are definitely some interesting photography inspired products. The Film Canister Toilet Paper Dispenser is fun for everyone and the lens shaped mug is cool as well. Take a look at these photography-related design, and probably it does meets your special gift request. 1.The Coffee Mug in the Shape of Nikon 24-70 Lens [amazon] Replica of Nikon 24-70 lens- stainless steel interior.
Leaf, as a ordinary creation of nature mother is always overlook. But for some creative designers, leaf is as important as flower. They made many interesting and cool designs around leaf, which take advantage of its own feature, like the leaf cable tie, leaf doorstop and leaf plate. Let’s take a look at those beautiful leaf inspired designs and bring some nature into your place. 1. Design Ideas Soap Leaves [amazon]

Stone or rock is a naturally occurring solid aggregate of one or more minerals which has been used by mankind through out history. Besides practical use, stone is also a good decoration which makes you feel closer to nature. Here we rounded up 7 Interesting Stone Inspired Product, and hope you can add some rock to your home.

It has been said that music is the universal language that transcends boundaries and brings people together all over the world. Because of the impact and inspiration from music, there are a lot of products dedicated entirely to the theme or concept of music. Here we have 12 Cool Music Inspired Kitchen Accessories. Now, you can listen as well as play the music during your cooking or enjoy your meal with those cool musical instrument shaped designs. Enjoy!

Orange is a power color, which stimulates enthusiasm and creativity! People who like orange are usually thoughtful and sincere. Orange has some special energy and put some orange in your life will help to spice things up when you feel time is dragging and relieve you from being too serious and increase creativity. Here we includes 7 Lovely Products in Orange Color and hope they can bring you some energy in this Fall.

Banana is great source of nutrition as a fruit, but it can also be a great inspiration to designers. That is the reason why we can see many interesting designs in the shape of banana in our life, banana bowl, banana handler, banana shoes and banana car…! Sounds wild? Let’s take a look!

Bunny is cute, bunny is lovely and we love bunny. Easter shouldn’t be the only time of year we think of them. There are many cute bunny shaped products on the market for us (kids or grownups). Here we rounded 7 of them we thought you might like. Take a look and hope you enjoy.

Most of us see birds as a symbol of freedom, or even as symbols of the future. We love to have them around, watch them signing and playing. For the same reason, there are many bird shaped products on the market, which bring some natural feeling and charm into our home. And below are 5 Beautiful and Lovely Birds Shaped Product Designs we would like to share with you.

What is it about penguins that makes them so adorable and so popular? Is it their dapper tuxedo coloring, their upright stance, or their amusing waddle? Whatever the reason, this animal is loved by most of people especially kids. In this post, we listed 9 Adorable Penguin Shaped Products, as toys, as tools or just decorations. Let’s take a look at how these lovely animals can be a part of our lift too.

The panda also known as the giant panda is a bear native to central-western and south western China. It is easily recognized by its large, distinctive black patches around the eyes, over the ears, and across its round body. It is beloved by lots of people due to its cute appearance and many products are designed around it. Here we rounded up 11 Cute Panda Inspired Products which will be a prefect gift for kids and panda lover.

As an important element of the nature, trees are everywhere. For people who love to see tree not only outdoors, but indoors as well, here you go - 11 Beautiful and Creative Tree Inspired Designs. From book shelves to jewelry holder, from coat hanger to table lamp, you can find many lovely tree inspired products in this post, hope you enjoy.

A few cheeky watermelon-themed products we happened upon recently got us thinking about the summer fruit as a source of design inspiration. This sweet fruit is full of bright color: red, green and black. The designs inspired by it are full of fun - from dip bowl to door mat. Now, let’s take a look at these 10 Cool Watermelon Inspired Designs and celebrate the bright colors and playfulness of one of nature’s most influential fruits.

Ducks are funny! They attract the most humor and silliness comparing with most animals. The word “duck” may have become an inherently funny word in many languages, possibly because ducks are seen as silly in their looks or behavior. If you are one of those people who love duck and want to bring fun to your life by using fun-looking duck shaped designs, you are going to check today’s post, where we collected 9 Funny Duck Shaped Product Designs.

A mushroom is the fleshy, spore-bearing fruiting body of a fungus. They have various shapes and colors, but the problem is the most colorful mushroom are poisonous. However, if you still fancy those beautiful but dangerous fungus, why not take a look at the 11 Cute Mushroom Shaped Products listed in this post. From garden decoration to disco lightening, these lovely mushroom shaped products will definitely bring some nature and fun to your home.

Famous for both its long neck and generous heart, the giraffe is revered in Africa as a symbol of love. Its skin pattern and its body shape are beloved by many people. No wonder you can find lots of designs shaped in giraffe for kids and adults. In this post, we rounded up 11 Cute Designs Inspired by Giraffe, most of them take advantage of its long neck and create a elegant and lovely design.

Elephant is a lovely creature which carries many positive symbolism like reliability, dignity, royalty, pride, happiness and fortune depends on culture. Besides these symbolic Thoughts about the Elephant, this long nose animal is beloved by kids. Its pattern and shape can be found in many designs and in this post, we rounded up 11 Beautiful Elephant Shaped Products for your home decoration. These stylized elephants will willingly bear daily burdens anywhere in the home, and be beautiful decorations as well.

Koi happen to be one of the most beautiful ornamental fish species out there today. These fish are beautiful creatures and now they have mystery and symbolism associated with them as well. In China, they are associated with having good fortune and in Japan, they are the symbol of loyalty, friendship, and even love. Hence, you will find a lot of Asian decoration and design in the shape of Koi. In this post, we rounded up 10 Koi Fish Inspired Products and hope you like them.

Most of us love flower, but we have to admit without leaves, flower won’t be that beautiful. And just like flower, there are various leaves in different color and shapes. For some people, they even love leaves than flower. And today, we will bring you 10 Beautiful Leaf Shaped Product Deigns, from jewelry to tableware, from wedding gift to wall art. Hope you like them.

Music has the ability and power to create a pleasure which is necessary for human beings. So is the human?s love for music that they want to show it off in the every possible manner. May be that is the reason for the popularity of musical notes inspired designs. In this post, we rounded up 10 Musical Notes Inspired Products, so you can show your love for music with these interesting design.

Hedgehog are cute especially those small little ones, which are beloved by kids. No wonder you can find lots of hedgehog shaped kids toy. In this post, we rounded up 8 Cute and Lovely Hedgehog Inspired Designs, which are not only for kids but for you as well. Take a look and hope you enjoy.

One of the most romantic sites in the world, the Eiffel Tower is a central part of romance stories - both fictional and true. There are so many products inspired by Eiffel Tower on the market, and we will present you with 11 Beautiful designs in this post. Hope these elegant but functional life objects in Eiffel Tower shape will bring some romantic Paris flavor at your home.

Continue our topics about Star War inspired products, but today we will focus on our lovely robot R2-D2 - the greatness of the little blue and white fella. He’s broken through trade blockades, he’s blown up the Death Star and now here' are 11 ways you can have him in your home. Take a look at below 11 Cool R2-D2 Gadgets and hope you like them.

We might not all have jetpacks or lightsabers yet, but Star Wars has in fact influenced our life that benefit us all whether it?s entertaining us in our home or bring us some interesting products. In this post, we will bring you 13 Cool Star Wars Inspired Products and hope you Star Wars fans will like them.

Bees play an important role in pollinating flowering plants, and are the major type of pollinator in ecosystems that contain flowering plants. Some of bees also produce honey, such as European honey bee. These hard-working species are loved by lots of people. Hence you can see various bee shaped or bee patterned products on the markets. Here we rounded up 10 Adorable Bee Inspired designs. Hope you feel sweet and joyful!

Not sure why, but apparently, there are lots of people love pig. If you take a look, you can find many products shaped in pig. Except the ping bank, the most common product, there are pig cutting board, pig pancake pan, pig tabletop vacuum, pig salt&pepper shaker, pig slipper, pig humidifier and so on. Things you can imagine or you can’t imagine, all in pig shape, and unsurprisingly Adorable! Take a look and hope you like this collection.

Why limit your camouflage to cargo pants when you can wipe your ass with the trendy pattern? We found 11 products that take the military theme into the new fields: bedding, belt, switch plate, flask and even your toilet paper roll. Take a look and hope you enjoy.

Cow is one of beloved animals and many of us are fond of its black and white pattern. In this post, we rounded up 13 Adorable Cow Inspired Product Designs, from cheese picker to cookie jar, from the corn holder to whistling Tea Kettle. Hope these lovely cows can spice up your home and bring some humor and fun into your life.

Palm trees are a very desirable symbol reminding you of your those nice tropical days. Take a look at below 9 fresh palm trees inspired designs, funny fruit and veggie hammock, elegant napkin holder or beautiful night light.These palm tree designs will definitely help to add a touch of the tropics and a breeze from the ocean to your home.

There is probably nothing more traditional or connected to Halloween than the skeleton. People just must have this fellow hanging around the house, worn as a costume, or part of the indoor/outdoor Halloween decorations. Either way, there is never a loss of true representation of the skeleton on Halloween, and there are seemingly endless ways to enjoy and present the skeleton to friends and family at your Halloween party or celebration. To celebrate the coming Halloween, we rounded up 16 Cool and Unusual Skeleton/Skull Inspired Designs which might help to spice up your Halloween party and impress your guest with those special decoration.

Owl is that kind of bird deeply connected with magic, shamanism, heightened senses and wisdom throughout the ages. Some have thought of the owl as a ?cat with wings? as they share similar characteristics of personality. Due to owl’s unique looking and symbolic meaning, lots of people love owl. They use owl shaped decorative around their home or even raise it as pet. Today, we will present you with these 12 Cool Owl Inspired Product Designs and hope you enjoy it.

The snake is one of nature’s oldest and most mysterious animals. Most women understand the knack of making themselves stand out in a huge crowd by using different pieces of jewelry in snake designs. Over the years vintage fashion snake jewelry has gained tremendous popularity. Different kinds of metals and materials like yellow gold, white gold, platinum, beads, crystals and bright colored gemstones, etc are used in various designs in snake jewelry. Here is our collection of 9 Stylish and Unique Snake Jewelry Designs, hope you enjoy.

A crossword is a word puzzle that normally takes the form of a square or rectangular grid of white and shaded squares. Loved by so many people, its pattern actually becomes a design pattern and in this post, we will present you with 11 Interesting Crossword Puzzle Inspired Products. Looks like now, you literally can have your Crossword Puzzle everywhere with you if you want.

Usually, we use cup to drink coffee or tea. But for someone has too much loving for cup, they want to have it everywhere. They would like to sit on it, wearing it, carry it, smell it, hang it, turn on it or plant flower inside it. Check this interesting post about 14 Cool Cup Inspired Designs. Hope you will be amazed by how many cup shape designs can be found in our life.

If you or someone you know loves dragons and the interesting and exciting mythology that surrounds them you will no doubt have heard of dragon Collectibles. These are figurines and ornaments that depict dragons and dragonlings in a variety of poses, colors and styles. This post showcases 12 Fantastic Collectible Dragon Inspired Products, from bookend to rain-spout, from wall clock to table lamp. No wonder these fantastic collectibles can easily be a talking point with visitors or interesting gifts for your friends.

Does everybody have a skeleton in their closet? When I say Skeleton, I am not talking about all those dark secrets you keep hidden away, but some great Skeleton Clothing. Check those cool skeleton designs on the t-shirt, hoody, mask, gloves and socks presented in this post, they are such cool that you want to wear them not only on Halloween!

Continue our last topic, we will introduce some more Zebra Print Inspired Products. Yeah, this print is so popular that you can not only see it on the furniture, bedding and curtain, but also on accessories like towels, bags, apron and phone cases. For me, the zebra print looks much nicer on those small items instead of occupying the whole bed or curtain. But anyway, here is our another 12 products inspired by zebra print. Hope you enjoy.

If you are an animal lover, it?s time you insert an animal print to the beauty of your interior. There are many pattern of animal print is viewed with one raised eye-brow, ranging from animals zebra, leopard, tiger and many others to celebrate the diversity of the natural world. And one of the favorites is zebra print. A fun way to add whimsy to every type of decor, zebra print is popping all over the place. On bedding, pillow curtain, chair, lamp, coffee table, trunk. And with its neutral colors, zebra print is easier to incorporate than you may think. Go ahead, add a little stripe to your life!

Santa Claus is Coming to Town! Go and immerse yourself in a fun ambiance with these reindeer products. From decoration to S&P Set, from candle holder to door stop, from stock holder to child toy, decorate your home and have the most festive house on the block with reindeer displays.

As an Eco material, the benefits of using bamboo are numerous. For example: bamboo is 16 percent harder than maple, it?s naturally anti-microbial; it holds the promise of a sustainable, cost effective, and ecologically responsible alternative to the widespread clear cutting of our old growth forests. It can be used in so many areas like construction, furniture, paper, clothing and food. In this post, we will show you 15 products used in our daily life which are made from bamboo. Let’s make our effort to protect our mother nature.

Hands up who loves Pac-Man? If you?re not reaching for the sky we can only assume you?re twiddling your joystick as you read. Because despite being thirty years old, Pac-Man is still the most addictive game in the world. Power pellets and glowing ghosties ? what?s not to love? To reminds us about the old good time and relief your gaming obsession, we rounded up 14 Cool Products Inspired by Pacman in this post. Hope you can enjoy!

If you are a fan of superman, you got to love this post where we rounded up 15 superman themed products. Key Chain, Belt Buckle, Mouse, Keyboard, watch, earning… our superman just appears wherever he is needed. (lol)

Tetris is fun and putting things together Tetris-style in real life should be fun. In this post, we will present you with 10 Tetris Inspired Product Designs. We will see them on our table, in our bathroom, hide in the refrigerator, mount on the wall, sit in the dinning room or even hang on our neck… So let’s begin our Tetris exploration.

Jigsaw puzzle can tap people’s intellectual resources and the interesting patterns also inspired some innovative products at the same time, like the 16 Jigsaw/Puzzle Inspired Product we will talk about in today’s post. Alarm Clock, Serving Board, table, lamp and bookshelf, you will find there are so many products, and they are not only in Jigsaw/Puzzle shape, but also have some useful function associated with the shape.

In this post, we will introduce your 12 wooden electronics… wooden + electronics?? Yes, usually, we see our electronics in metal, plastic and rubber. But in today’s post, we will see them covered with natural coat - wood. The idea behind the products are to get the maximum out of natural materials and make them as close to nature as possible. Most of them are handcrafted… Yeah, I guess it is not easy to manufacture those things in wood. My favorite one is the wooden keyboard that looks really awesome.

Social media is the current rage of all geek and non-geek internet users. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Digg, Friendfeed, MySpace and other popular social media have interesting unique logos, which have now inspired some interesting Social Media Icons Inspired Product Designs, such as the 9 designs presented in today’s post. Like social media? Maybe you can also embrace “social media” in your real life after reading today’s post.

Sudoku has had a major surge in popularity over the last several years, taking the place of crossword puzzles as the geekier equivalent of Solitaire. But you know those geeks, they always have to take things a step further than necessary. Hence, we got today’s topic - 10 Sudoku inspired designs. Basically, if you want, you can keep solving your sudoku everywhere…lol

It is not Hollywean, but it doesn’t mean we can’t talk about some cool products inspired by skull…Personally, I am not “skull type” person, I blame it to my childhood’s scary movie experience. While I have to admit, some of the products we are talking today are truly awesome,like the usb key or dvd player. I will definitely say “no” to the skull speaker… that is just to creepy for me… As for the skull ice tray and toaster, I would love to have those small trick to inspire my life a bit…OK, it is your time. Do you like our 12 skull inspired products?

We have seen 18 Food Inspired Earring Designs in our last topic, I guess you began to get used to those unusual / bizarre earrings and probably won’t be that surprised to see the earrings in this post. Really? For me, I am still amused/shocked when I prepared this list. Seriously, hanging scissors, knives, gun, bullet, handcuff and even poo and toilet paper… Em…pretty interesting? Check out the list by yourself, here is our 18 Life Object Inspired Earring Designs.

These earrings are totally nerdy, but in a funny way. we rounded up 18 Food Inspired Earring Designs in this post, you will find it is pretty amazing/amusing to hang those food (bacon, egg, humberg, vegetable, sushi and even soup) on the ears… Sounds funny? Check by yourself.

This is our last topic of folding inspired product designs in this week and we will talk about folding furniture. In these days, folding furniture is not only designed for save-spacing and portability, but also are given some extra bonus - transformer. Yes, transforming from one thing to another after folding, such as mirror to table, painting to shelf…

We have seen some creative folding electronics design in previous post. Today, we will continue our folding exploration and present you 8 folding inspired Transport Design. Talking about folding transport, the first thing comes into my mind is folding bike… However, bike is not the only thing can be folded… skateboard, car, Kayak, truck and even plane also can also be folded.

We have been seeing lots of folding inspired design in our life, for example: folding chair, folding bicycles… But in today’s post, we will present you with some special folding things, which we might not think they are foldable, like keyboard, mouse. Some of them are still concepts, but I am looking forward for the day when they can come true.

Light bulb, a simple household item that has been with us for generations and almost be forgotten by the the abundance of contemporary lighting. Today, we will explore stick to its basic shape and present you with 12 Creative and Unusual Inspired by it. Hope you will like them.

Love gun but fear of its violent employment? As a symbol of power, of dominance and of masculinity, the gun has been idolized in entertainment media and even infused in modern design. Of course, we don?t condone violence; we still can be fascinated by those creative designs inspired by the gun, from Hairdryer to Liquid Shooter, from coat stand to bed lamp? If you share that fascination, read on?we have collected 19 most creative and unusual gun-shaped designs from world. Hope you enjoy today?s fascinating exploration.

It seems like there is a trend to put mustaches on everything. If you look around, you will find product design, and designers everywhere are celebrating the mustache. So, if someone said to you,? nice mustache?, it might not be on your face, but somewhere else. Now, let?s check our today?s post, 10 mustaches inspires product designs.

A zipper is a popular device for temporarily joining two edges of fabric. It is used in clothing, luggage and other bags, sporting goods. However, today, we will explore some creative and bizarre zipper styled designs. In this post, you will see some innovative ideas/designs definitely blow your minds away, such as 120-Zipper Dress or a lamp turn on/off by zippering down/up. Hope you enjoy this zippering world.

Like Japanese food? Big fan of Sushi? Now, you can not only eat this fresh/delicious food? but also wear, hug, use and play with it. Don?t believe it? Check it post, we have 10 inedible sushi craft ready for you. So you can put it on neck, use it in the tub or hug it in your sofa? Can?t wait? Let?s begin?

When I was a child, Rubik?s Cube was one of my favourite games. Twist, rotate? twist, rotate? I just love that? And now, I just find some really interesting product designs inspired by Rubik?s Cube ? (seems there are lots of people just like it as me). Rubik’s Cube Mp3 Player, Rubik?s Cube Lamp, Rubik?s Cube Alarm Clock? Just check this post and you will definitely get some surprise? :-)

In this post, we will present you with 7 weird/bizarre/interesting dollar bill inspired products collected around the world. Some of them just look really silly? In my mind, the only reason to use/wear those things is trying to amuse others or satisfying personal obsession with money.

A bag, a shoe, a snack ? a keyboard for every geek. There are 11 unusual keyboard inspired products in this post, all proof of human imagination and advanced technology today. Interesting and funny accessories, sweet and delicious food, creative and unusual concept, Smash forehead on keyboard to continue?

Halloween has pasted?. Let?s go over some creative and unusual blood inspired product designs of this year, such as bloody furniture, bloody bathroom, bloody drinks and blood necklace, which you can use to spice up your home decor or play pranks on your friends. 1. Bloody Eye [link] Ever heard of Kutuzov or Van Gogh for that matter? Inspired by their escapades in history, designer Konovalov gives us this in-your-face Intercom, which has all the makings of a good practical joke.
Today, we will talk about some creative products designs which are inspired by GLOVE (hand shape). Glove? Yes, glove… we have Glove Vase, Glove USB Key, Glove sofa, Glove Table Lamp and super cool concept Glove Mobile……Check this out! These things are really cool. 1. Glove Vase [link] [link] The Handstand Glove Vase we found on online store, had to be inspired by the most valuable member of the Adams Family.