4 Abnormal Products Shaped Like Boobs

Please forgive us if you find this post annoying. We actually pretty speechless when find so many boob shaped products online. If you never see any of them, you might take a look these less serious designs.


Designed by Ukraine based team at 306 Creative Communication Agency, these kettle bells are shaped to look like a nice set of boobs. These unusual kettle bells come in three sizes and three colors, looking like they try to make it for everyone. And these aren’t just concept product, according to 306 Creative Communication Agency’s facebook, the kettle bells are in production stage and will hit the sporting goods stores in October.

Products Shaped Like Boobs
2. Big Boobs Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Clearly this is not such kind of Salt and Pepper Shaker Set for everyone. But it will be very interested and funny to be used in some parties and make good times when someone asks for the salt or pepper. Made of ceramic and boobs are connected to body by magnet.

Products Shaped Like Boobs
3. 1 Liter Engraved Beer Babe

Beer and woman, two of man’s greatest loves. With this glass, you can hold two of them with one hand! Not sure are you going to buy this statement. But it is a pretty cool beer glass - perfectly shaped in a woman’s body and can hold 1 liter beer for you.

Products Shaped Like Boobs
4. Boobs Radio

This is probably the most abnormal radio we have ever seen. Obvioiusly, this battery driven radio is not only shaped like boob, but also has tuning & volume control on nipples.

Products Shaped Like Boobs