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Usually, there are nothing exciting about trash can. It is something you have to deal with it everyday, since you need to show your garbage anyway. It sure would be a great pleasure to manage household waste if we could get some appealing to look at and easy to use trash can. Here are four cool trash cans we came cross and want to share with you. 1. Wesco Spaceboy XL - Rocket Ship Trash Can [amazon]

Orange is a power color, which stimulates enthusiasm and creativity! People who like orange are usually thoughtful and sincere. Orange has some special energy and put some orange in your life will help to spice things up when you feel time is dragging and relieve you from being too serious and increase creativity. Here we includes 7 Lovely Products in Orange Color and hope they can bring you some energy in this Fall.

Known for applying new, fun designs to otherwise mundane, everyday items, A di Alessi, the Italian design specialists always try to bring a fresh look into their designs. Things like milk jug, cat bowl, paper towel holder, wine stopper, you can never imagine they can be that cute and fun. Peruse the 10 items in our post and more online, hope it can add some find fun, like-minded pieces for the home.

When it comes to file storage and transferring, you might want something functional and special. Thanks to those creative designer, they make our USB flash drivers in many different styles and functions. We rounded up 14 Unusual USB Flash Drives, and good part is, they are real products, not some cool-looking but still in conceptual stage. Some of them focus on the functions like waterproof and digital lock; and some of them are coming with styles like ladybug necklace driver and Yoda looking USB drivers. There are so many options and hope you find one you like.

Too many travel accessories can really weigh you down. So often, people get suckered into buying the next cool gadget, which eventually just goes unused and sits like dead weight in their already over-stuffed suitcases. However, there are some invaluable items no self-respecting traveler should leave home without. Here are 12 Useful Travel Accessories we thought you can on board with.

Hands up who loves Pac-Man? If you?re not reaching for the sky we can only assume you?re twiddling your joystick as you read. Because despite being thirty years old, Pac-Man is still the most addictive game in the world. Power pellets and glowing ghosties ? what?s not to love? To reminds us about the old good time and relief your gaming obsession, we rounded up 14 Cool Products Inspired by Pacman in this post. Hope you can enjoy!

Kids are quick to learn but easily hurt. We love our kids, so we want to provide them the best as we can. They need to be loved, trained and protected. I know, it is always a tough process to be a good parent. Hence, we put some interesting designs for kids in this post, they are helpful and joyful. Hope you find it useful.

Everyone prefers to choose a matching belt for their suits, but have you ever seen somebody using such a creative belt? In this post, we have rounded up 12 creative belts, record video, play music, secure your money, open the bottle, measure your weight or even work as shower head… It is really interesting to see those innovative ideas for belt.

Bottle, must be one of the simplest container in our life. We put food, drink or any thing we think can fit. Just sounds nothing special and exciting. While in today’s post, we will introduce you 9 Innovative Bottle Designs, which might help you to simplify your life, save the environment and even save your life.

Bridge is something essential in our daily traffics and decently designed bridge can also turn into a landmark. With the development of technology, some impossible bridges are built and functionality is not the only key in modern bridge design. Designer put more and more emphasis on the appearance and material. Moreover, for those built bridge, people are trying their best to give it a new looking. In this post, we will present you with 7 modern and unusual bridge designs collected from the world. Hope you enjoy.

As you can know from the title, our today?s topic is napkin. Napkin? You might wonder except wiping your mouth while eating, what other function it will have to make it interesting or unusual? Just check this post, you will find some funny and practical functions add to these modern napkin, such as ?hello napkin? which helps you break the ice and get right to the point; ?Cabbie Napkins? which helps you find your way home after you get drunk? and also funny napkin like ?dress up? napkin or ?Mustache??. Sound interesting? Let?s begin?.

How many creative solutions for calendar design are out there? If you take a look around you?ll find out that most calendars are designed in a ?standard? linear fashion. Well, it doesn?t have to be like this. In fact, there are a number of creative approaches one can consider when designing calendars. This post showcases creative examples of calendar design. We have tried to include creative, visually appealing and interesting design solutions. Hopefully, everybody will find something interesting and unusual for herself or himself.

A zipper is a popular device for temporarily joining two edges of fabric. It is used in clothing, luggage and other bags, sporting goods. However, today, we will explore some creative and bizarre zipper styled designs. In this post, you will see some innovative ideas/designs definitely blow your minds away, such as 120-Zipper Dress or a lamp turn on/off by zippering down/up. Hope you enjoy this zippering world.

A sleeping bag is a protective “bag” for a person to sleep in, and functions as a bed in situations where it is impractical to carry around a full bed (e.g. when camping, hiking, hill walking or climbing). While in these days, seems the quick pace of life, most of us have this or that kind of sleeping problem or just don?t have time sleep at home. We just grab every chance we can get to sleep? hence lots of design like office sleeping bag, wearable sleeping bag have been designed and produced. Of course, we also have some hilarious design like the bear sleeping bag.

Did you grow up with passion of motorcycles? Imagine yourself like a super hero riding those futuristic machines? In this post, we have prepared 12 super fashionable, functional and futuristic motorcycles. Most of them are still concepts such as Yamaha Deus Ex Machina Concept Motorcycle(my favourite one so I put it in the first place) and nUCLEUS; some of them have been produced but with limited edition Titanium Fighter Motorcycle and B120 Wraith. Let?s check the list and fulfill your childhood dream.

This week, we have talked about lots of regular stationary staff, like pencil, pencil sharpener. Today, we will continue on this topic and present you with some really cool pen design. Some of them are impressively high-tech, besides essential writing function, they also can be used like USB Pen, MP3 Player, FM Radio, Voice Recorder, color picker; and some of them are kindly of funny, help you kill the boring time during lengthy meeting. Of course, we also have some futuristic-looking pen which is ergonomic and help to relieve pain and stress cause by the regular pen.

Still a pencil lover but try to get rid of boring-looking pencil sharpener? As a part of office supplies and ordinary stationary, pencil sharpeners go unnoticed and has no much importance attached to them. But if you wish to change it, here are a collection of creative and funny pencil sharpener that are sure to attract attention and make the needed difference.

We have written a post about 10 Modern Watch Designs several days ago. According to the heated response, we decided to continue our time travel and introduce you with 10 creative watch concept designs. In this post, you will find bizarre handcuffs watch, super futuristic spaceship watch design as well as the confusing Liquid Time watch?

Has it ever occurred to you that a swimming pool may be turned into an awesome masterpiece or that it can raise awareness and spread a message or provide you some different enjoyment besides swimming can give you? In this post, we collect 10 few creative swimming pool designs and installations from the globe. Hope you enjoy it.

We have talked about some creative products designs which are inspired by GLOVE (hand shape). Today, we will talk about Boot-Shaped Designs. We have Beer Boot, Boot Bag, Boot Table, Cowboy Boot Chair and etc. The last one is very special, which is NOT for using…….Check this out! These things are really cool.

Christmas ? Holiday Season and of course, shopping season? For most of you, you might speak to yourself I would save money after Christmas, just like me (lol). So an engaging and interesting coin bank might be a good gift for you as well as your friends. Of course, it is also good for children. Moreover, different style unique decorative coin banks can also be a great part of your home accessories. Sounds good? Let?s check our today?s post, 9 creative and unusual coin banks.

Like Japanese food? Big fan of Sushi? Now, you can not only eat this fresh/delicious food? but also wear, hug, use and play with it. Don?t believe it? Check it post, we have 10 inedible sushi craft ready for you. So you can put it on neck, use it in the tub or hug it in your sofa? Can?t wait? Let?s begin?

Before the advent of electricity, candles were used for illumination. Though in present times it lost most of the importance attached to it; but there are few occasions and events that aren’t complete without candles, such as ?candle- light? dinners. Via lighting a candle, it can easily create a comfy, cozy and romance atmosphere. Hence, candle still keeps its vitality and we can find more and more creative/cool designed candle for different purpose.

What we can except shoes do except normal walking support? Play the music? Make us climb steel rooftops as easily as superman? Communicate with satellite with GPS function? Or give yourself a foot massage anytime you want? You might think, yes, that sounds great. But when those will come true? 2012? Not, they are really real for you now? check this post and see the 9 high-tech shoes you have neven seen.

How high-tech a recycle bins can be? How much intelligence a trash can should have? There are 7 advance garbage bin designs collect from would? eco-friendly?smell free… auto scan and sort? I am not sure do we really need those but they are pretty cool designs anyway? Hope you enjoy.

I believe most of you have regular vases at home. Today, we will presents you 9 very unique vases whose shape looks really NOT like a vase. Some of them are just a design by a special designer; some of them are real products which can be bought from market. Hope everyone enjoy these vases, and you find the one you like.

Today, we will talk about some creative and unusual bag design. Compared with normal bag, they either have unusual looking like Xposed Handbag, or have some practical function such as Solar Bags that is capable of charging small electronic devices such as cell phones, iPods, or PDAs. Interesting bags, creative design, hope you enjoy! 1. Xposed Handbag [link] XPOSED! Get in touch with your inner stuff. bags subtly reveals the real you, as well as your spiked collar and snub-nose revolver.
Shopping bag, one of the most common items in our life, usually has a brand name or some regular shape? nothing special. While in this post, we will present you with 8 eye catching bags?there are turns of clear ads and some of them are really stunning. Enjoy! 1. Tom of Finland’s Shopping Bag [link] How cheeky is this shopping bag? The Tom of Finland bag makes you look like you are reaching for your very well-endowed ?
Yes?. Again? Here is our third issue about cool/creative/usual bike design. After so many functional and cool designs in first two posts, we will present you with something different in today?s post. We have Magical Bike which grows with kids or music player inspired Polygon Bike or Variable Frame Bike which allows you to easily switch position from one to another?. Find your coolest bike? Check out this post. 1. eco // 07 The Reinvention of the Wheel [link]
Hope you like our last post about the 6 creative Bike Design, and more cool bike designs are coming today. In this post, we will introduce you with some futuristic bike designs like Oryx or funny-looking walking bike and some incredible foldable bikes?? Enjoy your journey to the bike kingdom. 1. Sporty Bike [link] the bike boasts of an aerodynamic design coupled with user-friendly ergonomics. What I really like is the ample display nestled between the handlebars.
For the sake of environment and exercise, more and more people choose to use bikes, especially at weekends?. Having a stylish bike has become a kind of trend. Due to that reason, lots of effort is put to create functional and fashionable bikes. We try to present you with some unusual and creative and functional designs collected from world. All those cool stuff will be introduced in several issues and there is the first:
8 Collection of unusual and creative glassware designs from around the world, which will definitely spice up your home and make your guest admire…. Branch Style Wine Carafes, Self-filling Champagne Glasses, Orgiastic Carafe and Candy Cane Shot Glasses…etc., all in this post….Hope you enjoy… 1. Gravity Magnetic Shot Glasses w/ Tray [link] Twist this tray of shot glasses left, right, sideways, even upside down and these gravity defying shot glasses will never fall off!
When Art meets Tech, then the life becomes different. Here is one of those examples? 10 super cool and geek glasses designs. We have super power spy glasses which come with a 1.3 megapixel camera, an MP3-player, 2 GB of internal memory, a USB port and a wireless remote control. OR Equalizer Night Glasses which designs only for night, lighting up under black neon lights. I believe, with those cool and creative eyewear design , you will definitely stand out of the crowd.
Today, we will talk about some creative products designs which are inspired by GLOVE (hand shape). Glove? Yes, glove… we have Glove Vase, Glove USB Key, Glove sofa, Glove Table Lamp and super cool concept Glove Mobile……Check this out! These things are really cool. 1. Glove Vase [link] [link] The Handstand Glove Vase we found on online store, had to be inspired by the most valuable member of the Adams Family.
Your USB flash drive can be a whole lot more cool than just move data around. Gadget Sharp is to introduce a variety of creative and unusual USB flash drives design… old fashioned… delicious….modern… high-tech…elegant….luxurious… Let’s transfer our data in style. 1. Glasses USB Flash Drive [link] This is such a great idea, These 2-mm thin, 2GB USB flash drive glasses aren’t actually wearable. They’re being advertised as bookmarks. 2.