8 Creative and Unusual Glassware Designs

8 Collection of unusual and creative glassware designs from around the world, which will definitely spice up your home and make your guest admire….

Branch Style Wine Carafes, Self-filling Champagne Glasses, Orgiastic Carafe and Candy Cane Shot Glasses…etc., all in this post….Hope you enjoy…

1. Gravity Magnetic Shot Glasses w/ Tray [link]

Twist this tray of shot glasses left, right, sideways, even upside down and these gravity defying shot glasses will never fall off! Great for serving guests, made of vibrantly colored plastic with magnetic stainless steel bases, each shot glass holds 1.5oz. Set of six shot glasses and one stainless steel serving tray. Serving tray measures 7.5" x 7.5". Price: $24.99

2. Branch Style Wine Carafes by etienne meneau [link]

etienne meneau passed along some images of his unique decanter sculptures. the branch like design of these decanters is reminiscent of the bordeaux vines where meneau is from. each holds a normal sized bottle of wine in its hand-made 65 cm tall, borosilicat glass form. make sure to look at meneau’s blog which features a video of the carafe being filled.

3. Candy Cane Shot Glasses [link]

Delight your friends by serving their favorite liquid refreshment - schnapps, vodka, coffee or chocolate liquors in our edible peppermint flavored candy shot glasses. Or fill them with sorbet, ice cream and candy!

Each shot glass measures 1.5" wide x 2.5" tall. Includes 2 candy shot glasses.

4. Self-filling Champagne Glasses [link]

This is one of those great ideas that makes you wonder why it took so long for someone to come up with it. Designed by Zoe Stanton, the The Fairshare Fountain is sure to impress the crowd at your New Year’s Eve party. Each stem in the 6-glass set is shorter than the one before, allowing you to start at the top and evenly share a bottle of bubbly with just one pour. Made from hand blown Pyrex glass, the set sells for about ?560.00.

5. Glasses That Don?t Tipple [link]

Downing those umpteen shots of Vodka or Tequila, you may tipple over my friend, but these Cordial Glasses won?t topple! Tipple-Topple; get it? Tip-less Cordial Glasses are clever coz they got an indent at their bottom that fit snugly into the bobs in their ceramic tray. Six glasses to a tray that won?t tip, but if you drop ?em, they do go crash!

6. Orgiastic Carafe [link]

Your no-wino-am-I-oh-me-oh-my-oh worries are over, Heidi! The glass is now the bottle. As the designer, Mister Edouard Larmaraud, (a Frenchmen, of course,) says: the gesture of ?drinking straight from the bottle? become less vulgar when the bottle is made for the drinking. Add this to the Industrial Design shelf of things that everyone wants but noone would dare use.

This bottle, the ?Orgiastic Carafe,? is blown glass, and is very real. It was never meant to go into production, but if you do so dare, you?d better ring up Laramaud first!

7. Glass tank designed by Kyouei [link]

It is a glass for drinking a lot. A device consists of a bulb shaped container with the glass below. When the amount in the glass decreases, a constant amount is poured from the tank into the glass. Never overflowing from the glass because of air pressure and water pressure. Get the wine in that bubble and you?ll be booting your way to strange wineglass supremacy.

8. Modern Wine Glass [link]

Unusual wine glass designed by Jeremy Brown. Enjoy your wine with different gesture.