9 Creative and High-Tech Shoes Designs

What we can except shoes do except normal walking support? Play the music? Make us climb steel rooftops as easily as superman? Communicate with satellite with GPS function? Or give yourself a foot massage anytime you want? You might think, yes, that sounds great. But when those will come true? 2012? Not, they are really real for you now? check this post and see the 9 high-tech shoes you have neven seen.

1. High tech magnet shoes [link]

You’d think these would be just great for climbing steel rooftops or scaling the Eiffel Tower. Actually the magnets in the Adidas Intelligence 1.1 aren’t there to help you stick to metal surfaces at all.

No, according to the cobbler, the shoe provides intelligent cushioning by automatically and continuously adjusting itself. It does so by sensing the cushioning level, using a sensor and a magnet.

High tech magnet shoes

2. Hi-tech MP3 shoes [link]

It features an integrated CD-ROM, some speakers, tweeters, and a volume control knob to boot (no pun intended). Of course, it might be a little behind the times as most portable MP3 players these days use either a hard drive or flash memory and not CD-ROMs.

Hi-tech MP3 shoes

3. Code M Shoes from Dada [link]

LL International of Los Angeles, Ca introduced a new hi-tech shoe called ?Code-M? that blends wireless system into shoes delivering both audio and data. The Code-M shoe from Dada delivers music to a wireless headset with no wires and no digital music device to carry up to a radius of 30 feet. So you can listen to your music while wearing the shoes or not as long as you are within the 30 feet radius. The Code M system is integrated into the shoe?s heel and tongue. It has sufficient memory to hold up to 100 sogns on a six hour battery life. There is even a USB port on the lateral side of the shoe that allows for downloading of music and re-charging the battery.

Code M Shoes from Dada

4. Nike Transformers Running Shoes [link]

NOT A REAL SHOE! When the Transformers movie came out last year, Takara prepared a toy that would be able to take the form of a Nike shoe. The shoe that the toy transform into is pictured on the bottom right. It is about 1/2 the size of a normal sized Nike shoe.

Nike Transformers Running Shoes

5. Good Vibrations [link]

What if you go for a run all day and then need a foot rub? The Good Vibrations shoe does just that. By hitting the switch, you can turn your running shoe into a foot masseur. The shoe comes in a style that makes it unisex.

Good Vibrations

6. Nike iPod Shoes [link]

Nike and Apple partnered to help train runners. The Nike+ shoes have space to place a sensor. The sensor communicates with your iPod receiver to inform your iPod how many miles you?ve ran in the amount of time spent. The data can be synced to Nike+?s website where you can track running data and share motivation with others that have the same product.

Nike iPod Shoes

7. The Aphrodite Project [link]

The Aphrodite Project is an artistic shoe that comes complete with GPS, an alarm system to scare off attackers, a button with a silent alarm that gives away the location of the shoes to the emergency services, and an LCD screen. The shoe was designed with the safety of prostitutes in mind.

The Aphrodite Project

8. Adidas shoe with a microprocessor [link]

This is the first commercial shoe with a built in microprocessor. The shoe will change the stiffness of the sole according to the task you perform.Inside the shoe there is a microprocessor that has a built-in pedometer, stopwatch, and LCD display. This shoe is perfect for short and long distance runners.

Adidas shoe with a microprocessor

9. GPS-equipped Xplorer shoes [link]

Xplorer kicks pack an internal GPS transceiver, built-in battery that’s good for “several days” before needing a recharge, and a sleek Dual GeoFencing feature that gives parents peace of mind. Shoe owners can utilize the firm’s “internet portal” in order to pinpoint limited boundaries in which the wearer can, um, Xplore, and if the person’s shoes ever leave the pre-set area, a phone alert will be immediately sent to a pre-selected individual to warn them.

GPS-equipped Xplorer shoes