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With millions stuck at home, virtual fitness startups are having a moment. Strength-training system Tonal, which launched in 2018 and retails for $2,995, is seeing a surge in sales these days. The wall-mounted weight simulation product is an all-in-one fitness system and virtual personal trainer to help its owner get stronger, faster.

Since the advent of the modern espresso machine in Italy at the beginning of the 20th century, the evolution of its product design has been a part of consumer decision-making. On the one hand you have to innovate and appeal to the eye, and on the other hand it has to be pragmatic and intuitive to use as is the original design of an espresso machine. In this post, we rounded up 6 cool and unusual espresso machine.

If you are one of those people who love to share their music, speaker is something can’t be missed. A cool speaker should not only sound great but also looks great. Take a look at the 8 Cool Speakers that combine both style and function.

Charging station is a great way to hide cable clutter and provide juice to your important devices in style. These chic and powerful charging station can add a decorative splash and a whole lot of functionality to your kitchen counter, your bedside table, your home office, or wherever your electronics reside! Some of them also feature solar power, which means you will get green and cheap energy as well. We?ve found 7 classy charging stations for your consideration in a range of styles and at a variety of functions. Hope you found them useful.

There are so many mug designs on the market, different shape, color and materials. Today, we are going to present you with a specific type of mug - Heat Sensitive Mug, which will change its color or pattern based on the temperature of its inside beverage. Take a look at these interesting mug and hope you can find one you like.

Here are 5 super-stylish Bluetooth stereo speaker systems that combine exceptional audio performance and cutting-edge portable design. They connect wirelessly to your smart phone, tablet, notebook, allowing you to listen to your music in high quality audio. Being wireless means it’s as portable as your phone. Just place it anywhere in a room and enjoy pristine streaming audio from your phone, computer, or other Bluetooth devices. Bring music, movies, and all your mobile audio vibrantly to life–all in the palm of your hand.

For most of people, the first time they used computer is also the first time they used keyboard. It just like these two cannot be separated. Even in these days when touch screen becomes more and more popular, keyboard still is considered as most convenient inputting device, especially, when you have a lot to input. Since it is so important, Keyboard makers have been doing some brilliant work in recent years, not only are they feature packed, they also look cool. Here, we have 13 Cool keyboard designs, from tablet keyboard, to smart phone keyboard, from rolling keyboard to solar-powered wireless keyboard. Hope you enjoy this collection.

Your iphone is so powerful, your iPhone / iPad is so fashionable, you want to do lots of things with it - Play game, play music, take photo, watch tv…Just as there?s an app for almost everything, there?s an accessory for almost every need ? be it protecting your iPhone / iPad, turning it into a multimedia powerhouse, or even using it as a fancy camera. In this post, we will feature 11 Cool and Fun Accessories for iPhone and iPad, which have some super cool features. Hope you enjoy these accessories and of course, enjoy your iPhone / iPad more.

Headphones are great things. They let you listen to Lady GaGa/ Britney/ Rebbecca Black (well, somebody must..) without anyone hearing you and judging you. They have been given so many functions and moved beyond those functionality to stylish high end accessories. In this post, we will present you with 11 cool headphones/earphones and each of them have some special features. Hope of like these designs and of course, enjoy your music.

A mouse pad is a surface for enhancing the usability of a computer mouse. The three most important benefits of the introduction of the mouse pad were higher speed, more precision, and comfort for the user. For various purpose, there are different mouse pad you can find on the markets, such as tilt-adjustable mouse pad, clamp On mouse platform, high-quality gaming mouse pad, double sided mouse pad, photo frame mouse pad and so on. Here, we rounded up 10 Cool and Ergonomic Mouse Pads, hope you can find one you like.

The weather is getting colder and colder, while your laptop/notebook might heat up because the turn-on heating at home. Why not chill out and keep your laptop/notebook running trouble-free for longer with some proper cooling protection? In this poster, we rounded up 10 Most Popular Laptop/Netbook Coolers, some of them are USB powered and some of them just take advantage of ergonomic design to keep your device cooler. Except the cooling, those cooler always have some extra bonus like removable fans, speed controllable fan, LED lights, compact folding, non-slip design and so on. Take a look at these great cooler and a proper protection to your laptop.

Ship models or model ships are scale representations of ships. Ship modeling is a craft as old as shipbuilding itself, and it is definitely a good hobby for who are interested in crafting. In this post, we rounded up 11 Realistic Ship Model Kits, sailboats, warships, antique vessels. It will be a pleasant activity to take on your space time or a great gift for who build models as their hobby.

If you’re in training, you know how important it is to track your progress and heart rate. You can do these tracking info with the Heart Rate Monitors presented below. Wearing these Heart Rate Monitors, you can review your workout average, and meet your peak heart rate during every workout. Except the heart rate, these functional monitor also provide you some other useful information like Calorimeter burning calculation, work like a full-functional watch or even a GPS receiver. Be serious for your training, be serious for your health.

When it comes to file storage and transferring, you might want something functional and special. Thanks to those creative designer, they make our USB flash drivers in many different styles and functions. We rounded up 14 Unusual USB Flash Drives, and good part is, they are real products, not some cool-looking but still in conceptual stage. Some of them focus on the functions like waterproof and digital lock; and some of them are coming with styles like ladybug necklace driver and Yoda looking USB drivers. There are so many options and hope you find one you like.

I’m not really a tea drinker myself, but when I do indulge in a cup or two I usually just throw in a tea bag and use hot water straight from the kettle. However, if you are serious about tea drinking, you probably want to check this “Tesera Teemachine” designed by Tobias Gehring who turns making a cup of tea into a rather beautiful and precise art.

Humidifiers are commonly used in homes to relieve the physical discomforts of dry nose, throat, lips, and skin. Generally, there are three types of humidifier: vaporizer(Warm Mist Humidifier), Impeller Humidifier (Cool Mist Humidifier) and Ultrasonic Humidifier. They have different functions and suits for different situations. In this post, we will present you with 12 Cute and Useful Humidifiers, they might not really high-tech appliances but definitely in cute shapes. Take one with you! Stay healthy and be more productive at home, in your dorm room, or at work.

Modern calculators are electrically powered (usually by battery and/or solar cell) and vary from cheap, give-away, credit-card sized models to sturdy adding machine-like models with built-in printers. It is such a common and ordinary device in our life and most of we never thought it can be described cool or unusual. While in this post, we will present you 15 Unusual Calculators collected from world. Each of them have something special, like shape, material, usage; and you also can find some innovative designs with combining calculator with some office supply like business card holder or clipboard. Sounds Interesting? Let’s begin!

iPods are the most popular players in the world at the moment. iPhones are too aim to become as popular in mobile phones world as iPods in players world. Designing an iPod dock become a ?must to do? for most leading companies in the industries. Most of modern docks are suitable for both iPods and iPhones and have remote controls. And some of them also have extra function like radio, alarm, clock. You can place it on desk, mounting on wall or even play it in bathroom via wireless speaker. There are plenty of good choices for every Apple lover. These products may not replace your home theater speaker system, but they do have great designs!

If you want to share your music/sound, if you want to immerse yourself in the sound/movie, You probably need a speaker. In this post, we will present you 15 Unusual and Creative Speaker Designs. From all water-proof to wireless control, from dancing with the music to mounting on the wall, hope you like those special but useful speakers.

Don’t want to worry about the weather? Need a few gadgets that don’t require perfect sunny conditions? TODAY we will highlight 13 Innovative and functional Waterproof gadget, covers from your bedroom to your bathroom, from beach to office. Hope you enjoy.

The weather is so hot that we even don’t want to do house cleaning. Can we, apparently not. But we can find some handy appliance help us do those routine cleaning, like vacuum. In this post, we rounded up 10 Creative and Useful Vacuums, from you desk to your kitchen table, from your floor to your carpet, from you food to your pet’s hair, those vacuum gos clean everywhere. And you even can use them to shoot/vacuum bugs at your backyard… lol

Photography enthusiasts are known for their piles and piles of gear. While we not talking those professional ones, and only focusing on those designs can be used and loved by every photo-taker. Here is our today’s topic 10 innovative and useful photographer gadgets and accessories. From double strap for two-camera shooters to Bottle Cap Tripod, from Waterproof Digital Camera Case to Shoot-Through Camera Bag, we know you will like it… since it is summer, it is photo time.

We have seen some creative folding electronics design in previous post. Today, we will continue our folding exploration and present you 8 folding inspired Transport Design. Talking about folding transport, the first thing comes into my mind is folding bike… However, bike is not the only thing can be folded… skateboard, car, Kayak, truck and even plane also can also be folded.

We have been seeing lots of folding inspired design in our life, for example: folding chair, folding bicycles… But in today’s post, we will present you with some special folding things, which we might not think they are foldable, like keyboard, mouse. Some of them are still concepts, but I am looking forward for the day when they can come true.

Yeah, I know there are lots of ipod, itouch, maybe ipad fans out there… It seems we don’t need any other MP3 player at all. But is that true? For me, I would like to see some special and unique MP3 players which might only do one simple thing - play music and come with reasonable price! So, here is our topic today: 13 Unusual MP3 Player Designs. Some of them come with unusual shapes or special functions. If you are one of those anything but iPod, guess you might like to see it.

The iPhone is a state-of-the-art, minimalist gadget where a lot of effort was put into the case design. These phones are as precious to people as Gollum?s ring and in order to avoid scratching them, many people have attached protective covers. In this post, we will present you with 9 unusual iPhone case designs…some of them are really creative and useful, like the one with rechargeable battery or the one has waterproof function. While some of them just go too further, like the first one with gold and diamond.

My fascination with houseboats and yachts started way back to my childhood. I always dreamed I can sail on the sea and enjoy the peace and leisure, while in my dream, boats were typically rustic with intricate woodwork. Cut to the present times, look at those incredible designs with high-tech - luxury and efficiency; that is our today’s topic 8 Futuristic and Innovative Yacht Designs

Honestly, the youth of today! Answer me this much: do you remember your first case mod? Have you ever dreamed of having a beautifully designed computer? If you answered “yes”, we invite you to view this collection of striking and unique custom desktop PC cases that may just inspire you into modifying or building your own.

This week, we have talked about lots of regular stationary staff, like pencil, pencil sharpener. Today, we will continue on this topic and present you with some really cool pen design. Some of them are impressively high-tech, besides essential writing function, they also can be used like USB Pen, MP3 Player, FM Radio, Voice Recorder, color picker; and some of them are kindly of funny, help you kill the boring time during lengthy meeting. Of course, we also have some futuristic-looking pen which is ergonomic and help to relieve pain and stress cause by the regular pen.

Creative design can increase the joy in life, and innovative design can create value. This sentence perfectly represented today’s topic - creative and useful electrical outlets/sockets. In this post, you will find those electrical outlets/sockets can not only simply your lift, such as Spinning Power Outlet and Recoiling Socket but also save your money, like Green/outlet and Switch Power Socket.

For some of us, nothing is better to have a nice coffee every morning. There are lots of coffee maker in the market, while we will look for something more cool/functional/green coffee maker in this post. From solar power to pac-man shaped, from voice recognizing to Alien looking, 10 creative and modern coffee maker designs are waiting for your exploration. Enjoy and personally, I think, it will also be a nice idea to have one of them as a sweet christmas gift.

Nowadays, USB hubs come in all shapes and sizes with some cool looking and unusual designs. It includes all kind of stuff from Transformer like character to eating stuff as potatoes and burgers. In the post, we are presenting you with 13 creative and modern looking USB hub designs? hope you like them.

What we can except shoes do except normal walking support? Play the music? Make us climb steel rooftops as easily as superman? Communicate with satellite with GPS function? Or give yourself a foot massage anytime you want? You might think, yes, that sounds great. But when those will come true? 2012? Not, they are really real for you now? check this post and see the 9 high-tech shoes you have neven seen.

How high-tech a recycle bins can be? How much intelligence a trash can should have? There are 7 advance garbage bin designs collect from would? eco-friendly?smell free… auto scan and sort? I am not sure do we really need those but they are pretty cool designs anyway? Hope you enjoy.

Last week, we posted three interesting designs of tees, which will definitely spice up anyone?s wardrobe, and catch others? attention. Today, we introduce another 3 interesting tees. Which one you like most? 1. Sound-activated EL T-shirt [link] Sound activated illuminating t-shirt is simply cool for the disco patrons. This t-shirt is activated by voice or sound. While you?re on the dance floor, surely you?ll become the most eye-catching one. As everyone will notice that your chest carries a special equalizer panel, which moves up and down along with the music beats.
Your USB flash drive can be a whole lot more cool than just move data around. Gadget Sharp is to introduce a variety of creative and unusual USB flash drives design… old fashioned… delicious….modern… high-tech…elegant….luxurious… Let’s transfer our data in style. 1. Glasses USB Flash Drive [link] This is such a great idea, These 2-mm thin, 2GB USB flash drive glasses aren’t actually wearable. They’re being advertised as bookmarks. 2.
With the development of computer, there are so many gadgets designed to make our life easy or add more fun? Generally, there are three types of gadgets: Mechanical gadgets, Electronic gadgets, and Application gadgets. Today, I am going to talk something about the application gadgets, more specifically, Microsoft Windows Gadgets. I will list 7 useful / interesting gadgets I used and hope you also like them. 1. All CPU Meter With Temperatures [link]
Want add some special function to your daily T-shirt? Here is three interesting designs of tees, which will definitely spice up anyone’s wardrobe, and catch others' attention… Wifi T-Shirt [link] These nifty little Tee’s detect the strength of a Wi-Fi signal when you’re on the move with bars that light up depending on how strong the signal is. I saw one of my colleague wore this tee once. The signal receiver is actually an extra thing stick to the shirt.

For a device that is to be used so frequently, ergonomics is the major concern and designers leave no stone unturned to address the same. Here, I have compiled a list of some weird and wonderful mouse designs that aim to give users a whole new experience of working with a mouse. Some of them are already on the shelves, while a few are just concepts.