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Create a haven from the outside world with the HoMedics tabletop relaxation fountain. Sleek shades of silver and black look good in any setting, while a bed of natural river rocks brings you back in touch with the earth. As the water begins to flow, the natural sounds instantly put you at ease.

These realistic bread shape night light are made with premium baby-safe materials, non-toxic and non-allergenic , free of BPA. The soft orange candle color-simulating glow provides a tranquil and relaxing candlelight effect, helping kids drift-off in a calm and deeply relaxed sleep.

Studies have shown that green can soothe tension and fatigue. In addition to being relaxed, green plants can make people’s minds clear. That is the reason people like to put indoor plant in their office or home. Although plant is good already, why choose some cool planter to make it even better?

Want to create a miniature fariy garden by yourself? You can easily acheive that with the help of the Lucky Miniature Cat Fairy Garden Set. It is perfect for DIY terrariums or fairy gardens and moss.

Easter is hopping around the corner! It’s time to think about how to dress up your home and find some unique table decoration for the Easter holidays. Haven’t done your research yet? No worry, we have 6 fun bunny and egg decorations for you. Hungry salad bunny, adorable napkin bunny or plant growing eggling, these fun and cool designs will definitely help to spice up your home for the coming Easter.

Rose is something kindly essential to Valentine’s Day. Not matter it is real or just shape like it. Since Valentine’s Day is only two weeks away, as usual, we will bring you some interesting rose inspired design, for gift, for decoration or for eating. Take a look at 6 Beautiful Rose Inspired Products and hope you got some ideas to make a rosy Valentine’s Day. 1. 24K 6-Inch Gold Foil Rose [amazon]

Valentines Gifts are essential for lovers on February 14th. However, anther boxed chocolate or fuzzy bear probably won’t be a welcoming idea anymore. Here we arranged a gorgeous selection of Valentines Gifts for you, so you don?t have to waste your time for a stressful search.

You are looking for a suitable present for a hobby cook or a gourmet? No worries ? you?ll be well advised with our selection below. In this collection, we prepare 7 cool gift ideas - from baking to cooking, from cutting to serving. Any of them will be a prefect gourmet gift.

Not sure are those really gifts for photography, but they are definitely some interesting photography inspired products. The Film Canister Toilet Paper Dispenser is fun for everyone and the lens shaped mug is cool as well. Take a look at these photography-related design, and probably it does meets your special gift request. 1.The Coffee Mug in the Shape of Nikon 24-70 Lens [amazon] Replica of Nikon 24-70 lens- stainless steel interior.

Known for applying new, fun designs to otherwise mundane, everyday items, A di Alessi, the Italian design specialists always try to bring a fresh look into their designs. Things like milk jug, cat bowl, paper towel holder, wine stopper, you can never imagine they can be that cute and fun. Peruse the 10 items in our post and more online, hope it can add some find fun, like-minded pieces for the home.

Continue our topics about Star War inspired products, but today we will focus on our lovely robot R2-D2 - the greatness of the little blue and white fella. He’s broken through trade blockades, he’s blown up the Death Star and now here' are 11 ways you can have him in your home. Take a look at below 11 Cool R2-D2 Gadgets and hope you like them.

We might not all have jetpacks or lightsabers yet, but Star Wars has in fact influenced our life that benefit us all whether it?s entertaining us in our home or bring us some interesting products. In this post, we will bring you 13 Cool Star Wars Inspired Products and hope you Star Wars fans will like them.

Nowadays, the most important function of watch is not telling time anymore, especially for the young generation. They treat watch more like an accessories, hence, cool and unusual are the key component to the design of such watches. In this post, we rounded up 12 Cool and Unusual Watches, which will be a great gift idea for men. 1. Architects Watch Free Time Stainless Steel Mesh Band [amazon] The cycle of life, with a beginning, middle and end is synchronized by the 3 rings and guide us along our path to openings where time limits are set free.

Tea is an aromatic beverage prepared by adding cured leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant to hot water. After water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world. It has a cooling, slightly bitter, astringent flavor which many enjoy. Besides its flavor, drinking tea also has many health benefits such as improving beneficial intestinal micro-flora, providing immunity against intestinal disorders, protecting cell membranes from oxidative damage, normalizing blood pressure, prevention of coronary heart diseases and diabetes.

With Halloween fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about costumes. If you haven’t made your mind, check this post for the 14 Awesome Masks you gathered for you. They are either freaky, funny or bizarre, so you can get some worthwhile inspiration. Get your mask and dress, go wild on the thrilling Halloween party.

What fascinates we humans so much about robots? From the R2D2 in the movie Star War, to the lovable Rosie the robot maid in the Jetson?s, robots continue to amuse and capture our imagination. Is it that we want to use them as beasts of burden, or as friendly companions? Whatever the reason, I?ve personally always had an interest in robots and robot toys. I always envy kids these days since they have so many options for awesome robot toys. In this post, I will present you with 11 Cool and Playful Robot Toys, which might be a great gift for your kids.

Though cookies are irresistible on their own, good use of a cookie cutter always adds a little something extra. Cookie cutters, especially seasonal ones like pumpkins, ghosts, snowflakes and autumn shapes, are so fun and versatile, it?s almost impossible not to incorporate them into your preschool holiday crafts! From Pac-Man cookies to Ninj posture, it won?t be too difficult to find an awesome cookie cutter after going through these fabulously shaped confections listed in this poster. So, forget the rule “don’t play with your food”, with these creative cookies cutter, you can play with your dough without any guilty.

Decorative, fragrant oil warmers impart a fresh scent throughout your home. Oil warmers are available in a variety of colors and designs, and they are pleasant additions to a living room or bedroom, adding a subtle accent to home decor and diffusing a pleasant aroma in your home. In this post, we will present you with an unique selection of scented oil warmers, candle warmth or electric warmth. Just add a few drops of fragrant oil for a gently scented glow!

Traditionally Easter baskets have been for children. The promise of the Easter Bunny Hopping by and dropping off a basket of your favorite goodies keeps every child up the night before. For today we?ve gathered up a collection of 10 Lovely Ideas of Easter Basket, which are prefect decoration for your home or delightful gifts for kids.

Easter is a lovely time of year. It is a celebrity for spring and also a great time for kids. Painting and decorating Easter eggs, listening to stories of the Easter bunny, hunting eggs on Easter Sunday … Try to take some time to plan your Easter Decorations now, so that you will have an easy time setting up your Easter Tablescape, creating a lively Easter Egg Hunt and serving a delightful Easter Brunch. In this post, we rounded up 12 Lovely Easter Decoration and Gift Ideas and hope you can plan a wonderful Easter Celebration.

Being a mother is a life changing experience, and making sure that the health of the baby is a primary concern for many mothers to be, but taking care of yourself should also be a concern. There are many items that an expectant mother needs during this special time in her life. In order for expecting mothers to have the most comfortable experience possible, there are a few items help to give the quality of life needed for the mother to endure a healthy pregnancy. Moreover, being pregnant doesn’t mean not being fashionable anymore. We also include some interesting designs in the post, which might cheer up Expectant Mothers a bit.

With the approaching Valentine’s Day, it is time to start scrambling to get that unique gift for that special someone. In this post, we will present you with 14 Heart Shaped Products, from jewelery to electronics, from tableware to cooking gadgets. They are not only be a great gift but help you create sweet and romance environment as well. Hope you can share our fascination and enjoy our collection.

With the holiday season approaching, lots of gifts need to buy and lots of party need to be prepared. Try to find something nice for your cooking lover friends or yourself? How about some nice Kitchen Linen Set including towel mitt, pot holder, towel and maybe apron. We believe those lovely and adorable set can add some more holiday flavor in the kitchen and people use them will be the shining chef. :)

As an Eco material, the benefits of using bamboo are numerous. For example: bamboo is 16 percent harder than maple, it?s naturally anti-microbial; it holds the promise of a sustainable, cost effective, and ecologically responsible alternative to the widespread clear cutting of our old growth forests. It can be used in so many areas like construction, furniture, paper, clothing and food. In this post, we will show you 15 products used in our daily life which are made from bamboo. Let’s make our effort to protect our mother nature.

Greet your guests with something uniquely, why not try with some Personalized Expressions place card holders? There’s nothing quite like a personal greeting to get the party started. So whether it`s for a wedding, shower, Sweet Sixteen, Christmas or other celebration, your guests will love to arrive and see their seating assignments displayed in these place card holders. Or you can just use them to display your favorite cards/photos and create your own decoration style.

If you enjoy spending time outside in the garden you?ll enjoy it even more if it?s full of gadgets. Here we look at many types of tools and gadgets, from advanced auto watering system to simple greenhouse kits. This poster is dedicated to gadgets that wouldn?t look out of place in any technology loving geeks outdoor room. And they are also great ideas for gifts for your favorite gardener, even if it’s you!

This post is devoted to the cat lover. Here you will find 11 unique, innovative and high tech cat toys and cat products that will simplify and enhance your life as a cat owner. Now, it is kitty time….

1. Catit Cat Spa Deluxe Activity Center [amazon]

The Catit Cat Activity center is an irresistible place for cats to groom and play. Comes with catnip to make this a great place to work the grooming combs, Use the ripple massager, or play with the ball on top to massage gums. Cats overwhelmingly vote for this one as a favorite place to play!

Although I don?t even recall the last time I?ve used an Eraser, let alone needed one, the eraser from Iwako seems like a good one to have on hand. In today’s post, I will feature some really cute and interesting eraser from Iwako, a Japanese Company (Yeah, Japan again. Why most things I find KAWAII are made in Japan?)

We have seen 18 Food Inspired Earring Designs in our last topic, I guess you began to get used to those unusual / bizarre earrings and probably won’t be that surprised to see the earrings in this post. Really? For me, I am still amused/shocked when I prepared this list. Seriously, hanging scissors, knives, gun, bullet, handcuff and even poo and toilet paper… Em…pretty interesting? Check out the list by yourself, here is our 18 Life Object Inspired Earring Designs.

These earrings are totally nerdy, but in a funny way. we rounded up 18 Food Inspired Earring Designs in this post, you will find it is pretty amazing/amusing to hang those food (bacon, egg, humberg, vegetable, sushi and even soup) on the ears… Sounds funny? Check by yourself.

Ring is one of the most ancient jewelry and one of the way to express yourself. This collection consists of 13 unusual rings. You?ll be surprised by imagination of theirs creators. Some of them are funny design while some of them are ridiculous, especially Human Tooth Ring.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and now is the time to start scrambling to get that unique gift for that special someone. From flowers to candle dinner, from jewelery to electronics? there are tons of options. None of them are what we will talk about. In this post, we will give you 8 ideas, to help you create sweet and romance environment? won?t need to be that expensive? you can find the love easily blend in your daily object.

Most people spend a lot of time decorating their home for the holidays, but when it comes to the kitchen many are at a loss as to how to spruce it up for Christmas. In this post, we will present you 12 holiday themed kitchen accessories and appliance to spice up your Christmas kitchen? from table cloth to salt/pepper set, from apron to bacon glove, from flatware holder to paper napkin? you can make Christmas everywhere in you kitchen.

Each year Christmas prep seems to get a little earlier. Here is the first post for this year?s Christmas season, 7 Christmas themed USB gadget design? They are all small gadgets to make your desktop more Holiday looking?Snow Man, Christmas tree, Santa Webcam? get ready for your first stop in this amazing holiday journey?