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Sushi Roll or Sticky Tape? Sounds like a bizarre question right? But you will fully understand when you look at this set of playful paper tapes by SUCK UK, because it looks just like everyone’s favourite Japanese delicacy. Whether you know your maki from your temaki, or your sashimi from your nigiri.

If you are a lover of shiba and marshmallow, then you shouldn’t miss this - fluffy shiba shaped marshmallows! Putting a pup-inspired spin on the sugary sweets, Japan-based company Felissimo has created tasty marshmallows that look like tiny Shiba Inu.

Food storage is useful to keep your food fresh and organized while storage options are not all alike. Introduce color and convenience into your kitchen and kitchen shelves with our selection of food storage. Let’s create a stylish, unique and artful look into your kitchen and keep your provisions fresh and in style.

It is easy to buy cookies but making your own cookies are whole more fun, especially when you have some really cool cookie cutter to play with. In this post, we rounded up 7 Fun and Cool Cookie Cutters, from ninja to skeleton, from mustaches to sugar skull. And you also can create some 3D Safari animals and Dinosaurs. How fun it will be to make those cookies with family!

Probably in the modern sense, cookie jar isn’t as important as old days, which we have no other ways to protect your hard baked cookies. But we both know there is something special about it, maybe just old memory about selecting that one “perfect” cookie from grandma’s cookie jar. But anyway, cookie jar is still a new addition to many kitchens. In this post, we prepare 6 Cool and Unusual Cookie Jars options for those who are interested to have a nice litter jar at home.

For the foodie who is always making snacks, snack-making appliances are an amazing time-saver. With the help of those devices, you can easily create soft pretzels like the ones found from concession stands or cook delicious donuts holes and other pastries at home without even turning on an oven. With easy-to-use dessert makers, even children can create their own delights such as miniature cotton candy confections and bowls full of popcorn. These appliance are fast and fun, which allow you to make delicious snacks without fuss and mess.

Egg yolks and whole eggs store significant amounts of protein and choline, and are widely used in cookery. To make the egg cooking and serving more easy and fun, many utensils are invented, such as egg timers, toppers, cups and spoons, separators, piercers, slicers and wedgers, cubers, rings, and more. In this post, we will present you with 7 Egg Cooking and Serving Utensils, hope you find them useful. 1. Egg Yolk Extractor [amazon]

You are looking for a suitable present for a hobby cook or a gourmet? No worries ? you?ll be well advised with our selection below. In this collection, we prepare 7 cool gift ideas - from baking to cooking, from cutting to serving. Any of them will be a prefect gourmet gift.

When comes to pet feeder, it is usually a bland-looking plastic or metal apparatus. But do you know pet feeders can be pretty cool and modern looking? Here we collected 7 Cool Pet Feeders that may just make your pets enjoy their meal a little bit more. The “Interactive Dog Feeder” is designed to slow your dog down when eating and “Talking Dog Bowl” can record your voice and play it back when your pet approaches. There are many cool features, and will definitely be a thoughtful gift to any one who has pets.

You probably have heard of edible spoons or dipped spoons, or even used them already. There are many kits help you make your own edible spoons, but if you don’t want that trouble, you can always buy yourself some delicious spoons like candy spoon, chocolate spoon, cookie spoon, ginger spoon or corn spoon. Here you rounded up 7 Tasty Edible Spoons from the world. Take a look and let us know which spoon is more tempting.

Snack bowl is nice not only if you have guests over but also for yourself if you want to eat some pretzels in front of the TV. Of course, you can use your normal small bowl, but there are so many fun and cool bowls designed for snack specifically. They are not only have fun shape, but easy to carry around. Some of them even come with side dish for wastes. Take a look at those cool snack bowl and get yourself ready for the next show.

Spaghetti is an ideal dish to make for large crowds as it’s generally inexpensive and it can be made in advance as it saves better than many other dishes. There are many Spaghetti Utensils & Accessories which help to make the process even simple. Spaghetti Bowl, spaghetti Server, spaghetti measure, spaghetti pot and spaghetti drain. Take a look at the 7 Cool Spaghetti Utensils & Accessories listed in this post and hope it is helpful for your next delicious spaghetti feast.

Halloween is on the way. Have you got your plan settled? We?ve gathered some of the coolest stuff probably need in your coming Halloween party. Skull shot glasses, zombie blood drinks, body Parts Lollipop and skeleton cake… so many cool stuff you can have to spice up your party and impress your guests.

Silicone molds as a alternative to the traditional baking tins, is great to make homemade cakes, desserts and confectionery of all sorts. There are molds for almost everything you need, waffle, cupcake, portional cake, brownie, lollipop and more. Surprise your guests with your home made recipes using these awesome molds which offers classic forms and decorative details as well as reliable baking performance.

Food preparation utensils are a specific type of kitchen utensil, designed for use in the preparation of food. Here we listed 7 Novel and Useful Food Preparation Utensils for preparing recipes and for cooking, such as the lemon squeezer, defrosting Net, chopping system, herb scissors and steam roaster. Take a look at these utensils which not only help you prepare food fast but also keep them clean and healthy.

Who doesn’t like cupcake? They are cute, they are sweet and they are easy to share. And if you happen to be one of the cupcake lover and love bakery, you would love the cupcake molds in this post. From creepy skull molds to lovely heart-shape mold, there are 10 cool Cupcake Molds waiting for you to explore. Take you time and hope you enjoy!

What add some fun to your summer? Then you won’t miss this post. With these fun pop molds, you can create easy and mess-free frozen treats and ice pops from variety of juice flavors, yoghurt, icecream, any freshest ingredients come into your mind. They are easy to make, fun to look and delicious to taste. Why wait? Let’s begin to enjoy some fun shape frozen treats in your favorite flavors.

If you are not those master who can make beautiful and complicated layered cupcakes, doesn’t mean you can decorate your cupcake with some colorful baking cups to make them more attractive. These bold and exciting baking cups will make your treats the center of attention. The fun Color design is perfect for any occasion and great for themed celebrations. Take a look and it is time to dress your cupcake up.

Nuts are one of the most savored things in the world. Due to their taste and flavor, they are costly and most sought-after. However, cracking nuts are something else. That is just understandable, the cracking task is just mundane and tedious. When you see the bone-breaking, blood-spilling shell outside, you just try to forget about its tasty inside. While things will be different when you have some proper nut cracking tools. In this post, we will present you 12 powerful and elegant nutcrackers and hope they can help to make those boring cracking work look interesting and attractive.

Though cookies are irresistible on their own, good use of a cookie cutter always adds a little something extra. Cookie cutters, especially seasonal ones like pumpkins, ghosts, snowflakes and autumn shapes, are so fun and versatile, it?s almost impossible not to incorporate them into your preschool holiday crafts! From Pac-Man cookies to Ninj posture, it won?t be too difficult to find an awesome cookie cutter after going through these fabulously shaped confections listed in this poster. So, forget the rule “don’t play with your food”, with these creative cookies cutter, you can play with your dough without any guilty.

There is very little “wiggle room” in baking! The wrong size baking pan may cause your creation to overflow, burn around the edges and bottom, or sink in the middle. It’s amazing how affected baked goods are by the pan you use. Hence, find a suitable pan is the first step for your baking preparation. In this post, we will present you with 17 Fun and Useful Baking Pans, coming in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Hope this will help you create some delicious baked good and impress your guests.

People who prepare foods in their home kitchen usually need a scale to aid them in following recipes, but no one wants another large appliance that clutters the work area, or costs them too much. In this post, we will present you with 17 well designed Kitchen Scales, which can help you weight your food in different measures. Some of them also come with bonus functions like nutritional calculator, food storage, clock and timer. Just thought that would also be a great gift for food-loving friend of you.

Holiday season is coming. Are you ready for the party and celebration? Try to impress your family and guests, let them eat cakes or tarts with style? You got to check this post, where we rounded up 15 Modern Dessert Cake Tower and Stand Designs. Hope you can have some ideas of how to show off your cake/cupcake/dessert and at the same time, offers elegant options for serving and entertaining.

Try to find a nice way to hold your food as well as display them? Then you must check out today’s post, where we rounded up 11 Creative and Useful Food Holder Designs. They are not long help to keep/hold your food, but also get you extra bonus visually or functionally. Hope you enjoy.

These earrings are totally nerdy, but in a funny way. we rounded up 18 Food Inspired Earring Designs in this post, you will find it is pretty amazing/amusing to hang those food (bacon, egg, humberg, vegetable, sushi and even soup) on the ears… Sounds funny? Check by yourself.