Cool Spaghetti Utensils & Accessories

Spaghetti is an ideal dish to make for large crowds as it’s generally inexpensive and it can be made in advance as it saves better than many other dishes. There are many Spaghetti Utensils & Accessories which help to make the process even simple. Spaghetti Bowl, spaghetti Server, spaghetti measure, spaghetti pot and spaghetti drain. Take a look at the 7 Cool Spaghetti Utensils & Accessories listed in this post and hope it is helpful for your next delicious spaghetti feast.

1. Spaghetti Tower [amazon]

Spaghetti Tower - the smart dispenser
Cap can be opened to 4 different openings
Determining the amount of dispensed spaghetti
Dispensed amount ranges from 1 to 4 portions
Made of plastic, dishwasher safe
Spaghetti Utensils & Accessories

2. Pasta server [amazon]

Dishwasher safe or hand wash
Manufactured without the use of softening agents
Melamine and BPA Free
Koziol has brought creative designs to millions of homes
100-Percent German Made
Spaghetti Utensils & Accessories

3. Stainless Steel Spaghetti Pasta Measure [amazon]

Make the perfect proportions for your next spaghetti meal using this spaghetti measurer. The stainless steel measure has four different measuring holes to identify the correct amount of spaghetti for 1-4 servings. 7-1/4"

Spaghetti Utensils & Accessories

4. Portion Control Pasta Basket [amazon]

Measure, cook, and strain one serving of pasta. Never again cook more pasta than you need.

Measures one serving of pasta
Acts a cooking baskets
Pulls double duty as a strainer
Cook four pastas in one pot
Silicone basket
Spaghetti Utensils & Accessories

5. Pasta Serving Tongs [amazon]

Designed to handle small and large types of pasta; Uniquely shaped to pick up all types of pasta
Patented locking pull mechanism; push to open; pull to lock; loop for hanging
Silicone - heat resistant to 425-Degree F/220-Degree C
Commercial-quality stainless steel
Dishwasher safe
Spaghetti Utensils & Accessories

6. Prime Pacific Stainless Steel Pasta Pot Set [amazon]

Set includes a 2-quart stainless steel pasta pot, a 6-quart stainless steel pasta pot, and a cheese grater.

Spaghetti Utensils & Accessories

7. Microwave Pasta Boat [amazon]

Built-in strainer lid and bonus steamer rack
Holds 5-pound, stay-cool handles and spaghetti portion measurer
Recipe book
Dimensions: 8.375-inch by 12-1/2-inch by 5-inch
Dishwasher safe
Spaghetti Utensils & Accessories