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If you feed the squirrels, why not laugh at them at the same time? With below 4 Interesting Squirrel Feeders, you can feed squirrels and as well as enjoy the the eating show. Clever squirrels love those challenges and looking for their food, they will forget all about your bird feeders! Accoutrements Big Head Squirrel Feeder Hang this vinyl 5-1/2" x 8" (14 cm x 20.3 cm) Big Head Squirrel Feeder in a spot where you can see it, fill it with squirrel food and as the squirrel eats he will look like he has a giant, unwieldy head with a goofy expression.

To this day, bears play a prominent role in the arts, mythology, and other cultural aspects of various human societies. They are beloved by many people especially kids. Hence there are no wonder you can find many bear shaped products in our lives. They are not only toys for kids, but many other functional gadgets as well. Here, we rounded up 7 Cool and Cute Bear Shaped Products. Take a look and let us know which is your favorite one.

Birdhouse, or nestbox, is a man-made enclosure provided for birds to nest in. Different sizes of birdhouses suit different species of birds with very small boxes attracting wrens and tree-creepers and very large ones attracting ducks and owls.

When comes to pet feeder, it is usually a bland-looking plastic or metal apparatus. But do you know pet feeders can be pretty cool and modern looking? Here we collected 7 Cool Pet Feeders that may just make your pets enjoy their meal a little bit more. The “Interactive Dog Feeder” is designed to slow your dog down when eating and “Talking Dog Bowl” can record your voice and play it back when your pet approaches. There are many cool features, and will definitely be a thoughtful gift to any one who has pets.

Dog leash is a commonly used pet accessory. Having the dog wear a leash is a way of protecting the dog and other persons on the street. Dog leashes come in variety of designs and colors and they can be made of different materials. In this post, we will present 6 Cool and Unusual Dog Leashes. They are not common leashes you see on the street, each of them has a little special part. Some of them might look ridiculous to you and probably won’t be loved by dog as well. But they are interesting to look and worth a laugh by themselves.

When we talk about pet furniture, it probably reminds you those generic dog bed or cat tree in your local pet store. You might wonder, how those normal pet supplies be cool or modern. Take a look at the 8 cat or dog furniture listed in this post, which not only serves the purpose of spoiling your favorite companion, these unusual designs will also add some style to your home finishing. Hope you enjoy!

If you are a fish lover and want to have some fish as pets, the first thing you need to have is a place for your fish. It can be a simple fish bowl or some super customized aquarium, which totally depends on your budgets. In this post, we rounded up 9 Cool Aquariums which can be placed on your table, your floor , your wall or be part of your furniture like coffee table and headboard. Sounds interesting? Just take a look.

Bunny is cute, bunny is lovely and we love bunny. Easter shouldn’t be the only time of year we think of them. There are many cute bunny shaped products on the market for us (kids or grownups). Here we rounded 7 of them we thought you might like. Take a look and hope you enjoy.

Most of us see birds as a symbol of freedom, or even as symbols of the future. We love to have them around, watch them signing and playing. For the same reason, there are many bird shaped products on the market, which bring some natural feeling and charm into our home. And below are 5 Beautiful and Lovely Birds Shaped Product Designs we would like to share with you.

What is it about penguins that makes them so adorable and so popular? Is it their dapper tuxedo coloring, their upright stance, or their amusing waddle? Whatever the reason, this animal is loved by most of people especially kids. In this post, we listed 9 Adorable Penguin Shaped Products, as toys, as tools or just decorations. Let’s take a look at how these lovely animals can be a part of our lift too.

The panda also known as the giant panda is a bear native to central-western and south western China. It is easily recognized by its large, distinctive black patches around the eyes, over the ears, and across its round body. It is beloved by lots of people due to its cute appearance and many products are designed around it. Here we rounded up 11 Cute Panda Inspired Products which will be a prefect gift for kids and panda lover.

Ducks are funny! They attract the most humor and silliness comparing with most animals. The word “duck” may have become an inherently funny word in many languages, possibly because ducks are seen as silly in their looks or behavior. If you are one of those people who love duck and want to bring fun to your life by using fun-looking duck shaped designs, you are going to check today’s post, where we collected 9 Funny Duck Shaped Product Designs.

Famous for both its long neck and generous heart, the giraffe is revered in Africa as a symbol of love. Its skin pattern and its body shape are beloved by many people. No wonder you can find lots of designs shaped in giraffe for kids and adults. In this post, we rounded up 11 Cute Designs Inspired by Giraffe, most of them take advantage of its long neck and create a elegant and lovely design.

Elephant is a lovely creature which carries many positive symbolism like reliability, dignity, royalty, pride, happiness and fortune depends on culture. Besides these symbolic Thoughts about the Elephant, this long nose animal is beloved by kids. Its pattern and shape can be found in many designs and in this post, we rounded up 11 Beautiful Elephant Shaped Products for your home decoration. These stylized elephants will willingly bear daily burdens anywhere in the home, and be beautiful decorations as well.

Koi happen to be one of the most beautiful ornamental fish species out there today. These fish are beautiful creatures and now they have mystery and symbolism associated with them as well. In China, they are associated with having good fortune and in Japan, they are the symbol of loyalty, friendship, and even love. Hence, you will find a lot of Asian decoration and design in the shape of Koi. In this post, we rounded up 10 Koi Fish Inspired Products and hope you like them.

Hedgehog are cute especially those small little ones, which are beloved by kids. No wonder you can find lots of hedgehog shaped kids toy. In this post, we rounded up 8 Cute and Lovely Hedgehog Inspired Designs, which are not only for kids but for you as well. Take a look and hope you enjoy.

We love our pets, we want them sleep as comfortable as we are, and maybe sleep as close as possible with us. To allow that, you either share your bed with them, or give them their own beds. The problem is, ordinary bulky pet beds aren’t always attractive for your home and maybe you also have some space issue which means you can just put a pet bed anywhere. Take a look at 10 Cool and Cozy Pet Beds we rounded up here. Some of them are really cozy and some of them are pretty functional - double as a pet bad and an end table.

Bees play an important role in pollinating flowering plants, and are the major type of pollinator in ecosystems that contain flowering plants. Some of bees also produce honey, such as European honey bee. These hard-working species are loved by lots of people. Hence you can see various bee shaped or bee patterned products on the markets. Here we rounded up 10 Adorable Bee Inspired designs. Hope you feel sweet and joyful!

Not sure why, but apparently, there are lots of people love pig. If you take a look, you can find many products shaped in pig. Except the ping bank, the most common product, there are pig cutting board, pig pancake pan, pig tabletop vacuum, pig salt&pepper shaker, pig slipper, pig humidifier and so on. Things you can imagine or you can’t imagine, all in pig shape, and unsurprisingly Adorable! Take a look and hope you like this collection.

Cow is one of beloved animals and many of us are fond of its black and white pattern. In this post, we rounded up 13 Adorable Cow Inspired Product Designs, from cheese picker to cookie jar, from the corn holder to whistling Tea Kettle. Hope these lovely cows can spice up your home and bring some humor and fun into your life.

Summer is a nice season to see observe birds. With bird bath and bird feeder hanging on your window or placed in your garden helps to attract birds. You can watch those beautiful wild birds and at same time, provide them with food and help birds keep cool in the heat of summer with bird baths. Checking below 13 well designed Bird Baths and Bird Feeders, hope you can attract more birds all summer long with the help of those products.

Owl is that kind of bird deeply connected with magic, shamanism, heightened senses and wisdom throughout the ages. Some have thought of the owl as a ?cat with wings? as they share similar characteristics of personality. Due to owl’s unique looking and symbolic meaning, lots of people love owl. They use owl shaped decorative around their home or even raise it as pet. Today, we will present you with these 12 Cool Owl Inspired Product Designs and hope you enjoy it.

Continue our last topic, we will introduce some more Zebra Print Inspired Products. Yeah, this print is so popular that you can not only see it on the furniture, bedding and curtain, but also on accessories like towels, bags, apron and phone cases. For me, the zebra print looks much nicer on those small items instead of occupying the whole bed or curtain. But anyway, here is our another 12 products inspired by zebra print. Hope you enjoy.

If you are an animal lover, it?s time you insert an animal print to the beauty of your interior. There are many pattern of animal print is viewed with one raised eye-brow, ranging from animals zebra, leopard, tiger and many others to celebrate the diversity of the natural world. And one of the favorites is zebra print. A fun way to add whimsy to every type of decor, zebra print is popping all over the place. On bedding, pillow curtain, chair, lamp, coffee table, trunk. And with its neutral colors, zebra print is easier to incorporate than you may think. Go ahead, add a little stripe to your life!