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What’s so cool about a stool? And why are they all over the design mags these days? It’s a side table, an extra chair when you need it, an impromptu desk in front of the sofa, a beautiful light beside pool and a piece of art for you home decoration. Here are 9 Cool and Creative Stools Designs we prepared for you. Enjoy!

When we talk about pet furniture, it probably reminds you those generic dog bed or cat tree in your local pet store. You might wonder, how those normal pet supplies be cool or modern. Take a look at the 8 cat or dog furniture listed in this post, which not only serves the purpose of spoiling your favorite companion, these unusual designs will also add some style to your home finishing. Hope you enjoy!

Daybeds are used as beds as well for lounging, reclining and seating in common rooms. They are a cross between chaise lounge, couch and a bed. If your home is short on space, a daybed is the perfect solution. Daybed bedding can help turn your daybed into a fully functional piece of furniture that serves as both a couch and an extra bed. With fashion design in mind, daybeds can be not only a comfortable furniture but also a stylish touch to your home decoration.

This collection of bookcases offers some modern options for storage and display in your home. With many different styles, materials, sizes, and finishes available, there is sure to be an option that will fit your needs - store books, and show off decorative items in your hallway, home office, living room, or other space. Have a look at these stylish and bold contemporary bookcase designs, which will help to add stylish storage as well as spice up your home with some personal touch.

Wouldn’t you like to have a cup of a tea or a glass of a wine in a comfortable way on your favorite sofa? If yes, then slide under sofa table is exactly what you are lacking in your home furniture. A slide under sofa table can easily slide under your sofa and it has enough space to place a TV remote control and a plate of a potato chips, a bowl of a pop corns or your laptop. Here we listed 9 Convenient Slide under Sofa Tables, which can not only be a convenient spot to hold your items around your favorite spot, but also add some stylish but functional touch to your home decor.

Set a new level of comfort and style in any space. Chaise lounges are crafted for relaxation and they add a defining presence. Take a look around the 10 Beautiful and Elegant Indoor Chaise Lounges we rounded up here for you. Fabric or leather, modern or traditional looking, let these beautiful pieces bring class and elegance to your home.

We love cats but clean cat’s litter is not something pleasant. Now you don’t have to compromise! There 10 Useful and Functional Litter Boxes presented in this post, which is designed to keep your floors clean of litter and provide your cat with a clean, private place to potty. Some of them are combined with furniture which will be perfect for the home with limited space. And some of them are pretty high-tech and functional, like Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box. Hope you find this post useful for you cat lovers.

We all know kids like toys. They grow up with tons of different toys, but there is one of them are beloved by most of them - rocking chair. To have a rocking horse as gift is big dream for me when I was kid. While now, those lucky kids have so many options for their rocker: horse, crocodile, motorcycle and boat. Some rocker are designed to be used from Newborn-To-Toddler! Take a look at below 10 Cute and Lovely Kids Rocking Chairs and hope your kids will like one of them.

Nowadays, almost every home has a computer, and most of them will be placed on computer desk. It is not saying computers/laptops can’t be put on normal desk, but a specific computer desk offers more than a regular desk can, such as special draw for keyboard, shelf for print and CPU stand shelf and easy cord/wire management. Here is a collection of 12 Functional Computer Desks coming with different shape, materials and functions. Hope you find it helpful.

When you need extra counter space or a roll-where-you-need-it servery or bar cart, kitchen cart is the perfect solution. Whether it is a cherry kitchen cart, butcher block or stainless steel, these handy trolleys and islands combine form and function beautifully. All the carts presented in the post are especially designed to be mobile bar carts, perfect for parties or barbecues. All of your glasses, wine and bottle openers, ice and condiments can be together and easily accessible all through the party. Or use them when you just want to have an outdoor meal and enjoy the nice weather!

Once you have built your beautiful deck, finish it off with deck patio furniture, cedar, teak or finished metal, to make it inviting and like an extension of your home. Because in reality a patio or deck is simply an outdoor living space. Here are 14 Modern and Contemporary outdoor Furniture sets that can handle weather and turn your backyard into a beautiful living space.

The style options in bar stools continue to expand every year. While the designs vary tremendously, two overarching themes in contemporary stools are consistent: an emphasis on artistic beauty and interesting seat designs. In this post, we will present you with 11 contemporary Bar Stool Designs, which are pretty exotic and futuristic designs and will definitely help to add high style to your home.

It is said, no living room would be complete without a coffee table. As a focus for family, friends, football and fun, the coffee table should be practical yet stylish and can be the piece that pulls the room together. In this post, we round up 12 Cool and Stylish Coffee Tables, artistic? practical? useful or playful? Hope you can find one you like most.

Once the TV started to change their styles and forms, and furniture manufacturers began to realize there was a large market in TV stands. So they quickly moved into making a modern TV stands to fit into different style of furniture at home. Choosing the perfect stand is the best way to showcase your new flat screen tv. There are so many choices, various colors, styles, shapes and material. But no matter what you choose, it should suit the configuration, size and weight of your new television. And hope our today’s post, 12 Modern and Stylish TV stand / bench can help you complement your contemporary living room d?cor.

It’s unclear where the window blind got its name from. It?s probably because it blinds the creepy peeping toms from stalking you, or it prevents the sun from blinding you. But it actually can do more things like add some style to the interior d?cor or give your some playful time by beating them! Sounds attractive? Just check our today’s poster: 12 Cool and Modern Window Blinds.

Side tables and end tables are not they used to be. They are no more that dull little place where you keep an alarm clock or glasses. They have evolved into creative decorative pieces, capable of standing on their own. We?ve scoured the web to bring you 15 Beautiful and Stylish Side & End Table designs that exist. Glass, wood, steel or plastic we got them all. Antique, modern, nature, illusion, all the styles you can imagine. So check out these fabulous designs, and later tell us ? which one would you like to have at your home?

If you are an animal lover, it?s time you insert an animal print to the beauty of your interior. There are many pattern of animal print is viewed with one raised eye-brow, ranging from animals zebra, leopard, tiger and many others to celebrate the diversity of the natural world. And one of the favorites is zebra print. A fun way to add whimsy to every type of decor, zebra print is popping all over the place. On bedding, pillow curtain, chair, lamp, coffee table, trunk. And with its neutral colors, zebra print is easier to incorporate than you may think. Go ahead, add a little stripe to your life!

Just think about how much money we spend on just one pair of shoes, it adds up. Before you know it there are thousands of dollars worth of shoes cluttering up the floor of the closet. However, find a good, safe place to store them can be a hassle. we rounded up 15 nice and useful shoe storage (shoe cabinet, shoe rack, shoe bench and shoe shelf) which might be helpful to keep your home clean and nice as well as eases the selection process each and every morning.

No modern dream home is complete without a dazzling, eye-catching coat rack ? and there is plenty of options to choose from. You need it, your guest need it and your kids need it. Here are 11 Modern and Stylish Coat Racks designs which have different style and shapes for all your purpose. Some of them even take care of your umbrella.

To live large in small apartment, even corner needs to be fully used. And in our today’s post, we will present you with 13 Stylish and Useful Corner Shelf / Storage Systems. They can not only help you save your space but also stylize your room via placing some nice flower, photo or decoration. Let’s live smart and styled.

Month ago, we showcased 15 Modern and Stylish Wall-mounted Wine Racks on the site and had heated response. Today, we will continue the topic and present you with 12 Elegant Standing Wine Rack Designs, which are prefect to be placed on table during coming holiday season. These beautiful wine racks are not only helpful to store and organize but also to show off your collection and stylize your home.

A fireplace is the historical absolute center of any home ? the place the supplies light, heat and a focus for family or community even in the darkest and coldest of winter days. These days, the heating and lighting function for a fireplace is not as important as old times. However, it is still a nice home decoration and an effective atmosphere creator. From Indoor to outdoor, from table-top to floor-top to wall-mount, from gel fuel to wood to electric, here are 13 contemporary and functional fireplaces fit for the heart of any modern home.

A wall wine rack can be a great way to store wine so that it ages properly and is displayed in a fashion that you can be proud of and shows off your favorite wines. Use of a wall wine rack is best suited for storage of your wine if you live in a small home like an apartment or condo or have limited space that can be dedicated to this task. If you are short on floor, table or surface space the wine wall rack is a great solution.

You have a collections of magazines and you want them be organized, easy accessed or displayed in style. Hence, we rounded up 17 Stylish and Useful Magazine Rack and Holder Designs, from wood to chrome, from living room to bathroom, from wall to floor. Hope you enjoy the post!

Kids are quick to learn but easily hurt. We love our kids, so we want to provide them the best as we can. They need to be loved, trained and protected. I know, it is always a tough process to be a good parent. Hence, we put some interesting designs for kids in this post, they are helpful and joyful. Hope you find it useful.

Always losing your keys? Try to be organized? Why not give a try to following key holder/rack? They are fun, interesting, stylish and of course functional. Some of below designs also offer you some bonus features like, hold your letter, sort your key and bring you a laugh. Sounds interesting? Let’s check!

Someone once said “A chair should be more than simply functional. It should be friendly, fun and colorful.” I kindly agree that opinion… since we are spending lots of our time on the chair… But for some creative designer… these are still not enough. They want add some other features to chair design, like green, gaming, or not chair…lol.

How many ways to make a public bench creative and unusual? More than you may have thought. In this post, we will showcase 11 Creative Public Bench Designs collected from the world. Some of these emphasize artistic execution over functional stability. Others take ideas of function to the absolute extreme, which means you have to share your bench with bicycles. From artful to artisan, tentacle to transforming , have a seat and enjoy!

Sofa, is a common furniture at our home?.we sit on it every day? While today, we will present you with 11 Most Bizarre Sofa Designs and some of them you probably don?t want to sit on them. They either have too weird shape/materials or just look so uncomfortable. But some of them are actually pretty too design like Anima Cause Feel Seating system. Just check the post and make you own call? do you like those ideas?

Everyone spends almost 1/3 life on beds. Hence, bed is kind of most important furniture at home. In this blog, we will introduce you 7 creative, cool, and unusual beds. Some of them are very comfortable, while some definitely weren?t designed for a good night?s sleep. 1. The Feel Sofa / Bed [link] This unusual bed looks like it has the potential to be extremely comfortable. 2. The Bed Up [link]