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With the invention of dryer, clothespins are used less and less for hanging wet washing, especially when you live in city. However, there are still many people prefer the traditional ways to dry their clothes. In this case clothespins are necessary. Here we handpicked 5 Cool and Fun Clothespins which are more charming than the ordinary peg. With those interesting shapes and characters, they are not only perfect for your wet washing but also memos, crafts and photos.

Stress management training and therapy are great long-term helps, but most folks are looking for quick pick-me-up or calm-me-down resources. There are countless products made for stress and the following eleven are the ones we thought funny and playful. Hope those designs can help you get your blow off steam and relieve your stress.

So many office workers think that paperweights are nothing more than a waste of space, but all in all, nothing is further from the truth. The fact of the matter is that there are many ways that you can use a paperweight; you can be as creative as you want. You can use paperweight to keep documents, files, etc. in place. And also, a paperweight is a great way to bring your desk to life. Remember, not all paperweights are boring. There are so many beautiful paperweight out there, they can be made out of everything from crystal to stone to metal.

Modern calculators are electrically powered (usually by battery and/or solar cell) and vary from cheap, give-away, credit-card sized models to sturdy adding machine-like models with built-in printers. It is such a common and ordinary device in our life and most of we never thought it can be described cool or unusual. While in this post, we will present you 15 Unusual Calculators collected from world. Each of them have something special, like shape, material, usage; and you also can find some innovative designs with combining calculator with some office supply like business card holder or clipboard. Sounds Interesting? Let’s begin!

Greet your guests with something uniquely, why not try with some Personalized Expressions place card holders? There’s nothing quite like a personal greeting to get the party started. So whether it`s for a wedding, shower, Sweet Sixteen, Christmas or other celebration, your guests will love to arrive and see their seating assignments displayed in these place card holders. Or you can just use them to display your favorite cards/photos and create your own decoration style.

Scissors are ordinary hand-operated cutting instruments. Generally, they are used for cutting various thin materials, such as paper, cardboard, metal foil, thin plastic, cloth and hair. Since scissors are really handy, these days, they are also be used to cut can also be used to cut food (seafood, herbal and even pizza). scissors also have different looking/style basing on its different function. Want to know more about our daily friend? Just check this 17 Innovative and Unusual Scissors.

Sticky notes are well known by every one, they are these small and humble yellow pieces of paper that constantly strive to remind us about the tasks we need to complete for the day, and once they serve their task they usually end up in the trash can. Today, we will look at some different designs for those litter yellow pieces. They either have interesting shape or beautiful pattern or extra function. I am glad to see the effort our creative designer put in these daily supply and make our life full of inspiration.

Cute and adorable stationary can always add a bit of spark to your desk. While our today’s topic, paper clip holder, can not only keep you paper clip tidy, but also adds a bit wit to your desk. From butt station to kitchen basin, from birds to nest, there are so many interesting creation of paper holders.

Back to school sale is on going and today we will join the trend and talk about stationary, like paper clip. A paper clip is usually a thin wire in a looped shape that takes advantage of the elasticity and strength of the materials of its construction to compress and therefore hold together two or more pieces of paper by means of torsion and friction.

Some products are so fundamentally perfect that there?s almost no point trying to improve them. But that?s not enough to deter the designers who constantly bring forth new ideas, and somebody of them thought it might be funny to design some adhesive tapes with some imprint?They might come out with unexpected effect, useful, maybe.

Although I don?t even recall the last time I?ve used an Eraser, let alone needed one, the eraser from Iwako seems like a good one to have on hand. In today’s post, I will feature some really cute and interesting eraser from Iwako, a Japanese Company (Yeah, Japan again. Why most things I find KAWAII are made in Japan?)

Are you an office supply addict? Tired of that boring tape dispenser sitting on your desk? It doesn?t need to be so utilitarian and boring. Check this post; there are some cool, funny and amusing tape dispensers. From creepy frog tape dispenser to girly bling tape dispenser, from artful sculpture like tape dispenser to amusing ?Dizzy me? tape dispenser, there might be one will appeal to you.

How many creative solutions for calendar design are out there? If you take a look around you?ll find out that most calendars are designed in a ?standard? linear fashion. Well, it doesn?t have to be like this. In fact, there are a number of creative approaches one can consider when designing calendars. This post showcases creative examples of calendar design. We have tried to include creative, visually appealing and interesting design solutions. Hopefully, everybody will find something interesting and unusual for herself or himself.

This week, we have talked about lots of regular stationary staff, like pencil, pencil sharpener. Today, we will continue on this topic and present you with some really cool pen design. Some of them are impressively high-tech, besides essential writing function, they also can be used like USB Pen, MP3 Player, FM Radio, Voice Recorder, color picker; and some of them are kindly of funny, help you kill the boring time during lengthy meeting. Of course, we also have some futuristic-looking pen which is ergonomic and help to relieve pain and stress cause by the regular pen.

Still a pencil lover but try to get rid of boring-looking pencil sharpener? As a part of office supplies and ordinary stationary, pencil sharpeners go unnoticed and has no much importance attached to them. But if you wish to change it, here are a collection of creative and funny pencil sharpener that are sure to attract attention and make the needed difference.

Pencil is a normal stationary in our daily life - solid pigment core inside a protective casing. However, it will be really abnormal when it comes with a planting the top which contains seed, coating with 99% pure gold or has ?pre-chewed? markets to prevent kids spend time chewing their pencil? In a word, lots of interesting and unusual pencils in this post, don?t miss it?