13 Creative and Pretty Packing Tape Designs

Some products are so fundamentally perfect that there?s almost no point trying to improve them. But that?s not enough to deter the designers who constantly bring forth new ideas, and somebody of them thought it might be funny to design some adhesive tapes with some imprint?They might come out with unexpected effect, useful, maybe.

1. Message Tape - Black-out unwanted dots [amazon]

It’s a tool - it’s useful - it solves a problem - it’s truly interactive and at the same time can be decorative if desired by the user - you only ever use as much of it as you really need - it’s customisable - it can bind things of a completely different nature together - it can be used for heavy-duty utility applications as well as for art installations - it allows you to physically engage with the endlessly re-producible quality of digital information - it makes whatever you have to say look more official.

The tape can be used to label boxes when you move house, to put up efficient signage system where no printer is at hand and to teach kids how to spell, and help them to express themselves in a convenient, creative way. It works in multiple languages and therefore is culturally independent.

Message Tape - Black-out unwanted dots

2. Calendar Tape [amazon]

Multi-functional sticky tape that works as a calendar. Easily create each month in any day and date combination, by using the two separate rolls and sticking them next to each other.

Calendar Tape

3. Football Tape [amazon]

This clever tape has a soccer ball imprint.The original ‘do’ tape idea by guixe is to make a soccer ball or similar (buckminsterfullerball?) wherever or whenever you would like. According to Mr. guixe the tape ball works better if stuffed with sports magazines. we tend to agree but suggest shredding the magazines as well.

Football Tape

4. Packing Tape Jewelry [link]

Jewels which come on roles of packing tape. Bracelets, watches, necklaces and belts can all be rolled out and applied.

Packing Tape Jewelry

5. Sound Waves tape [link]

This funny packing tape is sound wave imprint… So basically, you can see the sound made by your packing…

Sound Waves tape

6. ‘Good Advice Sticks’ Sticky Tape [link]

Based on the premise that good advice sticks, the creators of this sticky tape -Blanka.co.uk- asked 9 leading designers “What is the best piece of advice that you have been given or gave, that has stuck with you?”. Their answers has been printed on this tape for your inspiration.

Good Advice Sticks Sticky Tape

7. ‘This Is Spinal Tape’ - Vertebrae-Printed Packing Tape [amazon]

A handy spinal cord on a roll. Use this tape to seal and stick with endless sacral style.

This Is Spinal Tape - Vertebrae-Printed Packing Tape

8. Tape with Blue Onion [link]

The good, old blue onion pattern is available here reinterpreted in a fresh and new way as a chic and decorative idea for your home. The Adhesive Tape Blue Onion introduces the look of grandma?s dishes into your home with out the old fashioned smugness. Since it is an adhesive tape you can freestyle decorate your table, a wall, kitchen moldings, frames, etc.

So it is not only for packing, it is for decoration too.

Tape with Blue Onion

9. Black Lace decorative packing tape [amazon]

Beautiful tape printed with black lace. The combination of transparent tape and a lace print looks absolutely stunning and truly authentic. With this tape, there are no limits to your creativity and you will never send an ugly package again.

Black Lace decorative packing tape

10. Pro-Measurement Ruler Tape [amazon]

Pro Tapes Pro-Measurement Ruler Tape is a Kraft paper tape with adhesive backing which can be used as a repositionable ruler. It is a yellow paper tape printed black with markings. It is great for tough situations where a tape measure will not fit.

It has two version: imperial (English) version and Metric version.

Pro-Measurement Ruler Tape

11. Hold me, I Am Fragile - Packing Tape [link]

Wrap up your parcels with this funky packing tape. Choose from three messages, HOLD ME, I AM FRAGILE and I AM NOT FRAGILE to add something different to your Christmas or birthday gifts gifts.

Hold me, I Am Fragile - Packing Tape

12. Fred Tinsel Packing Tape [amazon]

What’s silver-y, tinsel-y, garland-y, and an elf’s best friend? Quirky and fun…Make everyone laugh this season.

Fred Tinsel Packing Tape

13. TapeSwell: an Eco Alternative to Wrapping Paper [amazon]

If you?re looking for alternatives to tinsel, foil paper, and double-wrapping this year, TapeSwell?s new holiday tapes offer both a practical and very pretty solution.

TapeSwell?s concept is simple. Re-use boxes and other packaging time and time again by simply giving them a decorative make-over with colorful printed packing tape.

TapeSwell: an Eco Alternative to Wrapping Paper