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How many of you still use soap at home? Probably most of them replace it with liquid hand soap to avoid messy soap build-up. If you still like to use soap and then you need some special soap holder/dish which can help to drain excess water away and keep soap dry. Here are 4 soap savers for you.

Toothbrush is one of things usually can’t stand by itself in our bathroom. To make the bathroom clean or organized, toothbrush Holders and Storage come in handy. Moreover, have a clean and organized place for your toothbrush also help to avoid uncomfortable bacterial infections and gum inflammation. Some toothbrush holders are cute too, which might help to encourage kids brush their tooth.

When it comes to organization these cute memo holders are trustworthy helpers ? but not just for the office. They help to hold and display important notation and thoughtful message in a organized and vivid way.

1. Lenny The Camel - Memo Holder [amazon]

Still wondering what will be the gift for your Mother? How about giving your treasured mother a lovely box in which to keep her treasured jewelry! We rounded up 9 Beautiful Jewelry Boxes in different styles, materials and features, from seriously jewelry organizers to decorative jewelry holders. Hope you like it and find the perfect one for your mom.

If you are struggling with limited space at home, then this post is for you. Here are can find 10 stylish and functional “over the door” hooks and racks for your hat, scarf, handbag, coat, towel and even stroller. They are not only hooks/racks, but hooks/racks with design! Now you can save space without compromising on style.

If you’re always losing your mobile phone then this post is the perfect answer to your problem. The 9 Cool and Handy Desktop Mobile Phone Stands featured in this post ensure that your phone always rises above the sea of papers on your desk - for instant calling. Most of them are universal stand which means any handset fits in. Funky and original designs make them perfect for those who like to stand out. Hope you like this post.

Collecting corks helps you hang onto the memories of great occasions and cherished wines, marking your consumption in decorative style! Just drop your treasured wine corks in below gorgeous cork holder to show off your collection; or transform them into useful but personalized Cork Trivet; or make some unique wall art out of them. Take a look at those Beautiful Cork Holders and hope you find it as a fun and innovative way to keep and cherish all of your wonderful wine corks.

Napkin Holder is a handy device to keep napkins handy and organized in the home. It can be made from virtually any solid material and is built so that the napkins do not slip from its hold, either by way of sandwiching them between two surfaces, or simply enclosing them on their sides in a horizontal design. Here, we rounded up 12 Beautiful and Modern Napkin Holders, which is perfect for kitchen counters or your table for easy use. Especially in this holiday season, an elegant and modern napkin holder will definitely help to spice your holiday party table.

Keep your favorite rings safe but accessible with below Beautiful and Functional Ring Holders. Simply slip the rings off your fingers and store them onto these holders. You’ll never have to worry about losing a ring down the kitchen drain! What’s more, they are so beautiful which can not only display your rings and also server as a decoration in your home. Take a look at these beautiful ring holders and check our previous post about jewelry stands for more jewelry organizing ideas.

The Fruit Bowls/Holders add both style and utility to you home and is moreover highly in showcasing the natural beauty of fruits. They can be made of different materials: glass, stainless steel, wood, plastic or bamboo. They come in different shapes and are used for various fruits. In this post, we rounded up 12 Modern and Stylish Fruit Bowls/Holders which will definitely help to bring elegance and style to your table as well as display your fruit in an appetizing and appealing manner.

There are many unique paper towel holder designs available, m??t pertaining t? modern based themes. In these days, in order to save limited counter place, wall mount paper towel holders are becoming a more ????l?r. In ?ll, they pose a q???k ?nd easy opportunity t? add ?n eye popping accessory t? the kitchen as well as hold our daily necessary supply - paper towel. In this post, we complied a list of 12 Functional and Beautiful Paper Towel Holders, and hope you find it helpful.

Throw Away Your Cardboard Tissue Box! Check 21 creative and beautiful tissue holders in this post. They will be a great decorative accessory in your home. Even if you reach for this tissue box cover because you are crying or feel sick, it will cheer you up and comfort you.

If you like to check out your photos more than one time in a year and prefer to admire by your relations or yourself more often then you could find these original items interesting. These items allow you not only to put out many of your favorite photos, but also could add a very unusual touch to your interior design. Except the normal metal frames, we also includes some special ones, like digital photo frames which can store more than 6400 photos, chalkboard photo frame and Doodlebook Frame which allows you to draw around your photo and change the style anytime you want. They look cool and can accommodate a lot of photos of different sizes.

With the development of technology, more and more electronic products are coming into our life. When bring us a lot of enjoyment and convince, while also some trouble, like unorganized cord/cable will be a trap and even cause serious problems. Hence, we present you 17 Creative and Stylish Cord/Cable Organizer, which will help keeping your cable/cord tidy.

Cute and adorable stationary can always add a bit of spark to your desk. While our today’s topic, paper clip holder, can not only keep you paper clip tidy, but also adds a bit wit to your desk. From butt station to kitchen basin, from birds to nest, there are so many interesting creation of paper holders.

You have a collections of magazines and you want them be organized, easy accessed or displayed in style. Hence, we rounded up 17 Stylish and Useful Magazine Rack and Holder Designs, from wood to chrome, from living room to bathroom, from wall to floor. Hope you enjoy the post!

There is something you barely pay attention to at your home, I guess, toilet paper holder is one of them. Yeah, they are plain and simple, just holding the toilet paper… While, some guys always have the eye and turn something ordinary to abordinary, like 10 creative and funny toilet paper holders we presented in this post. Some of them are funny, some of them are geeky while some of them will drive you mad. Sounds interesting? Just Check them out!

Try to find a nice way to hold your food as well as display them? Then you must check out today’s post, where we rounded up 11 Creative and Useful Food Holder Designs. They are not long help to keep/hold your food, but also get you extra bonus visually or functionally. Hope you enjoy.