Cute Memo Holder for Your Desk

When it comes to organization these cute memo holders are trustworthy helpers ? but not just for the office. They help to hold and display important notation and thoughtful message in a organized and vivid way.

1. Lenny The Camel - Memo Holder [amazon]

Funky camel shaped memo holder Includes 140 blank memo notes H18 x W3 x D13.3cm / H7 x W1.2 x D5.2"

Memo Holder

2. Freddy Feathers - Memo Note Holder for Desktop Notes Green Peacock [amazon]

Gorgeous peacock design
H9 x W35 x D24cm / H3.5 x W13.7 x D9.5"
Stands proudly on your desktop
Made of plastic
Also Available In Light Blue Or White
Memo Holder

3. Bianca Hippo Memo Note Pad Holder [amazon]

Cute Bianca style looks memo holder.
Real hotty with silky black exterior and gold teeth.
Contain around 240 sheet of memos.
Can holds your post, pencil and pen in her mouth.
Overall dimensions: 4.5" H x 6" W x 1.5" D Weight: 10oz
Memo Holder

4. Meno Garden [amazon]

Memo Garden provides a habitat for your notes. An elegant touch of nature invading your desk. Magnetic snails attach your notes and photos to a metallic branch.

freestanding metal board
5 snail shaped magnet 
Memo Holder

5. Morris Memo Desktop Pad Note Holder [amazon]

Morris The Memo Holder Includes 140 white paper notes H15 x W3 x D13.5cm / H5.9 x W1.2 x D5.3" Available in Black, White, Red, Brown & Blue

Memo Holder