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The wall mounted desk folds out to provide ample space for working and folds up to serve as the cabinet to keep tidy, an ideal space-saving solution for any homeowner looking for storing essential items to reduce clutter and optimize your personal space. Exquisite smooth provides a handy working surface and access to storage compartments when open.

In 2015, BauBax travel jacket made a splash on Kickstarter and raised more than $9.2 million by the time the campaign had ended, which makes it the most funded apparel in crowdfunding history and now the company just released the 2.0 version.

As a women, you might usually find there are too many stuffs in your handbag and it is so difficult to get it organized. Pearl, the Pearl Compact Mirror Battery Pack is designed to help you. The slim and lightweight design makes it extremely portable, fun to use, and the perfect accessory for any occasion.

Looks just like an ordinary shelf, the Quick Shelf with RFID locking system can easily blends in on any wall which can effectively hiding your valuables in plain sight and adding just a touch of decoration.

This cool USB-Charging Solar Powered Umbrella not only shields you from the sun’s rays, it also takes advantage of them by converting them into power for charging up mobile devices.

Do you find it is difficult to keep your desk organized? You always have so many stuff on it, your phones, your pens, post-it notes, keyboard, speaker, and all those misc stuff. There are many desk organizer options out there, and iStick is one I found it quite useful. It features different compartments to hold cards, pens, small items and a special place for your mobile phone. It also includes extra USB ports, a memory card reader and a cup holder. Now, it is time to get everything in order.

Aquaponics is an ancient, sustainable method of farming developed by the Aztecs. It uses ninety percent less water than traditional farming methods and combines aquaculture (raising aquatic animals in tanks) and hydroponics (cultivating plants in water). The AquaFarm concentrates all the amazing features of large-scale aquaponics into a three gallon tank where can bring fish and plants together.

Eating without a table probably is not good but sometimes you have no choice. Whenever that happen, your food choice becomes limited like you can’t have your soup and cracker at the same time easily when you are standing. The Ooma Bowl rises to the occasion where most other dinnerware falls flat.

This is definitely not your regular wallet, although I am quite concerned how we can get that on airplane.

Featuring high-quality materials, the Dango EDC Wallet Collection features two different wallet types: the D01 Dapper Wallet and the T01 Tactical Wallet. Both wallet use anodized and CNC-machined 6061 aerospace-grade aluminum. It is then hand assembled, paired with rich leather and held together with military spec bolts.

A bowl is a common open-top container used in many cultures to serve food, which has been existed for thousands of years. You might see bowls in different color and pattern, but multifunctional bowls? Really? Take a look at our today’s post, you can find some interesting function bowls now have, like iPhone holder so you can enjoy your favorite smartphone activities while eating or crispy bowl allows every bite of your cereal or crackers to be as crispy as the first bite.

While most homes these days are all about standard faucets, modern design is taking over with sleek curves, elegant edges and multifunction. And since the future is all about interacting with water, different faucet will give you a different washing experience. Take a look at today’s 9 modern contemporary Kitchen and Bathroom Faucet Designs, finishing your home design with contemporary bathroom & kitchen fixtures and parts.

We love cats but clean cat’s litter is not something pleasant. Now you don’t have to compromise! There 10 Useful and Functional Litter Boxes presented in this post, which is designed to keep your floors clean of litter and provide your cat with a clean, private place to potty. Some of them are combined with furniture which will be perfect for the home with limited space. And some of them are pretty high-tech and functional, like Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box. Hope you find this post useful for you cat lovers.

Headphones are great things. They let you listen to Lady GaGa/ Britney/ Rebbecca Black (well, somebody must..) without anyone hearing you and judging you. They have been given so many functions and moved beyond those functionality to stylish high end accessories. In this post, we will present you with 11 cool headphones/earphones and each of them have some special features. Hope of like these designs and of course, enjoy your music.

With the weather getting colder, there is nothing better than lying on the bed and reading your favorite novel and just watching TV. To offer better support, some special bed pillows/wedges/rests are invented. In this post, we will feature 7 Multifunctional Bed pillows/wedges/rests, which will give you desirable support and lasting comfort. Some of them even come with massage function! Take a look, and give yourself a nice winter treatment.

Everyone prefers to choose a matching belt for their suits, but have you ever seen somebody using such a creative belt? In this post, we have rounded up 12 creative belts, record video, play music, secure your money, open the bottle, measure your weight or even work as shower head… It is really interesting to see those innovative ideas for belt.

Few days ago, we wrote a post about 10 Creative and Functional Chopstick Designs which got heated response. Today, we will continue our exploration of those creatively designed tableware and present you with 12 Creative and Unusual Fork Design. They either have some special function or have unusual looking or full of fun. You might find them useful or just crazy…

Crazy about Asian food but struggle with chopsticks? Then you should check out this post where we rounded up 10 Creative and Functional Chopstick Designs for you. Some of them are multifunctional, like chopstick + spoon, chopstick + fork and chopstick + source dispensing; which some of them offer an easy way for those who aren’t good at chopsticks so they can enjoy Asian food without any trouble with tools…Excited? Let’s move on!

We need bottle opener hear and there…and it does become a problem when we can’t find it. In this post, I will present you 10 creative bottle opener designs…Most of them have multifunction and some of them have bizarre looking. Personally, I like the cap one and the belt one… the Crowbar Bottle Opener is a bit weird for me, but it is kind of funny design.

If you are bored with the old, regular and conventional cutting board, check this post. We have collected 12 modern and functional cutting board designs from the world which we are sure will speed up or increase the pleasure to your food preparation. So, are you ready to spice up your kitchen with these modern and functional cutting boards?

In the past, hats were an indicator of social status. While in these days, it is has been more functional and fashionable. In today?s post, we will present you with 7 interesting hat/cap designs with some extra function, like equalizer hat changing with the volume of the music, rescuing cap for no hair person or Disco Ball Hat Making the Top of Your Head a Party Zone.

This week, we have talked about lots of regular stationary staff, like pencil, pencil sharpener. Today, we will continue on this topic and present you with some really cool pen design. Some of them are impressively high-tech, besides essential writing function, they also can be used like USB Pen, MP3 Player, FM Radio, Voice Recorder, color picker; and some of them are kindly of funny, help you kill the boring time during lengthy meeting. Of course, we also have some futuristic-looking pen which is ergonomic and help to relieve pain and stress cause by the regular pen.

As a book lover, I like to read it in an old fashion way ? read paper book. To avoid folding page, a bookmark is necessary. However, in today?s post, we will introduce you some advanced bookmark designs which not only show you where you drop the book but also with some extra function, such as, lighting, USB key, pen/highlight??

Last week, we posted three interesting designs of tees, which will definitely spice up anyone?s wardrobe, and catch others? attention. Today, we introduce another 3 interesting tees. Which one you like most? 1. Sound-activated EL T-shirt [link] Sound activated illuminating t-shirt is simply cool for the disco patrons. This t-shirt is activated by voice or sound. While you?re on the dance floor, surely you?ll become the most eye-catching one. As everyone will notice that your chest carries a special equalizer panel, which moves up and down along with the music beats.
Want add some special function to your daily T-shirt? Here is three interesting designs of tees, which will definitely spice up anyone’s wardrobe, and catch others' attention… Wifi T-Shirt [link] These nifty little Tee’s detect the strength of a Wi-Fi signal when you’re on the move with bars that light up depending on how strong the signal is. I saw one of my colleague wore this tee once. The signal receiver is actually an extra thing stick to the shirt.

What you can expect from umbrella except keeping you dry in the raining day? Want music? Want GPS? Want weather forecast? Or just want it look really special and unique. Check this blog, you know, you can expect from your Daily Umbrella.

What we can expect from a faucet besides getting water? Should all the water goes down from a faucet? Should we add some magic light effect to water? Can it help us to save water? Or even, read my email ?!!! Check this list, hope you can explore something new about faucet.