Pearl: A Compact Mirror Doubles As A USB battery pack

As a women, you might usually find there are too many stuffs in your handbag and it is so difficult to get it organized. Pearl, the Pearl Compact Mirror Battery Pack is designed to help you. The slim and lightweight design makes it extremely portable, fun to use, and the perfect accessory for any occasion.

As a compact beauty mirror, it features two mirrors including one regular and one that magnifies by three times. It also has a ring-style LED light so you can do a touch up at night.

As a battery pack, with its 3000mAh capacity, the Pearl can provide ample amount of power to a smartphone as well as many other USB powered devices such as a tablet, speaker or headphone. Moreover, it features a handy 4 LED battery level indicator on the side so you can easily know when you need to give your Pearl a charge.

Is that convenient? The Pearl Compact Mirror replaces two products in your bag and makes charging up a breeze. Such a sweet and thoughtful gift!

Price: 29.99 USD

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