Solar Powered Patio & Beach Umbrella with USB Ports

This cool USB-Charging Solar Powered Umbrella not only shields you from the sun’s rays, it also takes advantage of them by converting them into power for charging up mobile devices.


  • 9′ Patio Umbrella has 4 solar panels on the the UV color protected fabric
  • 2 Built in USB ports on the aluminum pole for charging cell phones, tablets, digital cameras and more
  • Built-in Lithium Ion battery stores solar power for uninterrupted charging while sun is behind clouds
  • Built-in safety shut-off activates when USB ports are empty for 30 minutes
  • Relax in the shade with your devices fully charged. I can imagine this umbrella will be super useful on beach. You can lounge under the cover of the UV resistant umbrella, enjoy the view as well as check your smartphone or tablet constantly without worrying battery life.

    Price: 169.99 USD

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