Sobro: Probably the Smartest Coffee Table on the World

What you will expect from a coffee table? A surface to place your beverage and display some decoration? Or a storage helps to declutter your room? Maybe it can do better than those! Sobro Coffee Table, the sleek and high tech smart coffee table not only has:

  • A convenient built-in refrigerated drawer that can hold up to 32 cans of your favorite beverage
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers – Speakers on each side of the Sobro coffee table deliver enhanced sound and bass
  • Color-changing LED lighting underneath – Help to set the mood for the special moment and the control is right from the table top
  • USB Charging ports and outlets on the side allow you to conveniently charge all your devices (2 USB charging, 4 power outlets)
  • 2 regular storage drawers to store your stuff
  • A touch control panel integrated into a tough tempered glass tabletop

Never thought a coffee table can be that advanced! Now, I am kind worried I might spend more time on my sofa and becomes a couch potato.

Price: 1,299.99 USD

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