Philips Somneo Sleep and Wake-Up Light

There are many ways help people to have a sound sleep, however, I never thought a light can do it. Persoanlly, I can’t fall asleep when light is on. But the Philips Somneo Sleep and Wake-Up Light seems different.

To help you sleep, the Philips Somneo’s sunset simulation will help you relax before bed and prepare your body for rest. Its special RelaxBreathe function which helps you slow down your breathing by using lights or sound as a guide. And its PowerSnooze option that helps you stop unhealthy snoozing habits.

To get you up, the Philips Somneo also simulates natural sunrise, gradually increasing light in your room before you wake up. You can even choose your favorite brightness level from multiple intensity options for a truly personalized wakeup. If you think the light is not enough to wake you up, then it also has various music and sound options, including natural sounds, ambient music or the radio. You can even treat it as a speaker since it can play music directly from your phone.

Price: 179.00 USD

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