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How your nightstand looks like? For me, it is probably one of the messiest place in my bedroom. I litter many different things on it. So sometimes, when it gets too crowded, I usually ends up finding something full of dust under my bed which supposes to be there.

The bedside caddy is a life saver for me. You can put your phone, books, magazine, the TV remote, headphones, glasses, tablet all in one place, in an organized way! Handcrafted using a double-layer of soft, durable felt material, complete with one layer of EVA support between felt layers, this space-saving storage solution gives you the perfect place to stow away all your bedroom junk.

When it comes to organization these cute memo holders are trustworthy helpers ? but not just for the office. They help to hold and display important notation and thoughtful message in a organized and vivid way.

1. Lenny The Camel - Memo Holder [amazon]

Tired of searching for your eyeglasses? Let’s keep them perched on the eyeglasses holder/Stand so you’ll always know where they are. Take a look at 10 Stylish Eyeglass Stands presented in this post, which are Fun ‘n’ practical and always happy to hold glasses for you. Moreover, they look great on your desk or coffee table at home or in the office, and they are sure to start a conversation.

Still wondering what will be the gift for your Mother? How about giving your treasured mother a lovely box in which to keep her treasured jewelry! We rounded up 9 Beautiful Jewelry Boxes in different styles, materials and features, from seriously jewelry organizers to decorative jewelry holders. Hope you like it and find the perfect one for your mom.

If you are struggling with limited space at home, then this post is for you. Here are can find 10 stylish and functional “over the door” hooks and racks for your hat, scarf, handbag, coat, towel and even stroller. They are not only hooks/racks, but hooks/racks with design! Now you can save space without compromising on style.

Keep your favorite rings safe but accessible with below Beautiful and Functional Ring Holders. Simply slip the rings off your fingers and store them onto these holders. You’ll never have to worry about losing a ring down the kitchen drain! What’s more, they are so beautiful which can not only display your rings and also server as a decoration in your home. Take a look at these beautiful ring holders and check our previous post about jewelry stands for more jewelry organizing ideas.

Most of us live or work in a tight space with plenty of stuffs. To keep our belongings clean or sorted, we invented various of organizers and storage. In this post, we rounded up 10 Useful Organizers which can help you to keep your desk and draw tidy. You can use them for your office supplies, files, cosmetics, so they can placed neatly and ready for you to use any time.

A Towel Bar or towel Ring is needed in every home. A bath towel ring is great next to the sink with a pretty guest towel hanging from it while towel bars in all sizes with modern, chic mounts offer a contemporary, clean feel to your bathroom as well as hold more towels. In this post, we will present you with 15 Modern and Cool Towel Bars and Rings; and we hope it can bring something stylish and practical to your home.

Due to the expanding population and increasing living expense, generally, we live in smaller and smaller place. To make full use of all the limited space we get, wall mounted designs are one of those potential options. There are lots of wall mounted designs on the market, such as shelf, storage unit, utility rack, kitchenware holder…… In this post, we will present you with 13 Useful Wall Mounted Designs help Organize your Life and Free your Space. Hope you enjoy it.

Ask a chef about what s/he does with his/her pots…. a good one will say “It’s not what you do with your pot, it’s where you put your lid!” Isn?t it frustrating when your pot lid is nowhere to be found? It is stressful and time consuming. Nothing compares to a well maintained kitchen and your pot lids should have an appropriate organizer. In this post, we will present you with 11 Innovative and Useful Lid Organizers, from mounting on wall to rolling out from cabinet, from hanging from ceil to clipping on the pot. There are so many lid organizer designs which can meet your different needs, not matter for cooking or storing.

Try to keep your sink area tidy and neat? Check the 12 Sink Organizer Designs in this post. These well designed sink organizer can keep your sponge, dish brush, detergent in place. There are also to over-sink shelf, which not only reduce clutter but also add some storage room for your kitchen. With some handy organizer, your guests will definitely be impressed.

No modern dream home is complete without a dazzling, eye-catching coat rack ? and there is plenty of options to choose from. You need it, your guest need it and your kids need it. Here are 11 Modern and Stylish Coat Racks designs which have different style and shapes for all your purpose. Some of them even take care of your umbrella.

Greet your guests with something uniquely, why not try with some Personalized Expressions place card holders? There’s nothing quite like a personal greeting to get the party started. So whether it`s for a wedding, shower, Sweet Sixteen, Christmas or other celebration, your guests will love to arrive and see their seating assignments displayed in these place card holders. Or you can just use them to display your favorite cards/photos and create your own decoration style.

An eye-catching pair of earrings can transform a basic white shirt/black pants combo into a striking ensemble, while a sparkling gemstone pendant adds elegance to the simplest dress. Locating the right piece of jewelry for an outfit, occasion, or one?s mood shouldn?t be chore, yet tangled necklaces, unmatched earrings, and difficult-to-find charms, studs, and rings are common issues with conventional jewelry boxes. For organized and visual jewelry storage on a bedroom dresser or bathroom counter, we will present you with these Modern and Stylish Jewelry Stands, which will not only be a convenient assets in your life but also a great gife idea for coming holiday season.

Get kitchens organized with a handy and attractive spice rack! In this post, we rounded up 13 Cool Spice Rack Designs which are designed to revolve, so the spice of your choice is readily at your fingertips. They are appealing to the eye and great help during the cooking. Just a prefect gift idea for novices or seasoned chefs alike.

With the development of technology, more and more electronic products are coming into our life. When bring us a lot of enjoyment and convince, while also some trouble, like unorganized cord/cable will be a trap and even cause serious problems. Hence, we present you 17 Creative and Stylish Cord/Cable Organizer, which will help keeping your cable/cord tidy.