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A Mason jar is a molded glass jar with screw threads on its outer perimeter. It is widely used in canning to preserve food in our daily life. Due to its convient structure, there are many other products try to combine the features of mason jar with their own needs and create some interesting design in the shape of mason jar, such as drinking jars, oil candle jar. Take a look at the 7 Mason Jar Inspired Products in the post. And I have to see, have mason drinking jar at the picnic is a really awesome idea to avoid those annoying bugs.

Oh, wake up, it’s espresso time! Serving espresso can be fun and elegant. Take a look and 7 Cool and Modern Espresso Sets we presented here. Imagine yourself living the Parisian life with these incredibly designed espresso set that will leave your party guests breathless. They are gorgeous as decorative accents and better for serving as well. Among those beautiful designs, Alessi Hazel Espresso Cups is our favorite. What is yours?

No matter what kind of drink you have, you always need a proper glass for your favorite beverage. Of course, it isn’t necessary to use a glass, the cheapest white plastic cup can do the job. But you probably won’t deny, an elegant glass will provide more enjoyable drinking experience. Here, we handpicked 6 Most Cool and Elegant Drinking Glasses we have seen and want to share them with you. Now scroll down the list, and tell us which one of these glasses you?

Having in cold beer during summer time is one of the most relaxing thing, while having beer in a cool and unusual glass like the ones in the post will definitely have more fun. Imagine yourself hold the lady beer glass and sit in your balcony, the drinking experience will be totally different from holding a regular one. Now scroll down the list, and tell us which one of these glasses you?d like to use during the next party.

A pitcher is a container with a spout used for storing and pouring contents which are liquid in form, like lemon water, iced tea and more. It is really useful in summer time, when you want to enjoy sun but also have the refreshing and cool beverage. Some pitcher comes with special designs like removable fruit infusion rod, removable filter for fresh tea leaves and removable freezer ice tube to provide more enjoyment of your drink.

With Christmas only one week away, have you set your Christmas table ready? In this post, we have rounded up 12 Modern and Elegant Glasses which have some unique designs or special features. Set your eyes on these modern and elegant glasses to determine the glass design that best suits you and your decor. Hope these glasses can bring an unexpected twist of style to your beverage.

Christmas is around and lots of parties are down the road. No matter you like it or not, liquor is likely something can’t be missed. To drink those liquor or spirits, you need shot glass. We rounded up 12 Cool Shot Glasses which includes those popular shot glasses decorated with a wide variety of humorous pictures, toasts, and advertising; some fun shot glass designed to be integrated with party games like Tic-Tac-Toe, Roulette and Drunken Tower, or fine design shot glasses for upscale parties or dinner gatherings. Take a look at list and make sure you?re well armed for your next party plan.

To keep your party food, dipping chilled and fresh for hours, you need the help for the chillers. In this post, we rounded up 9 different chillers, such as iced buffet, iced platter, iced serving bowl, tray on ice, which can be filled with cubed or crushed ice at the bottom to keep food chilled and tasty. They can be used for various of food like, salads, pasta, rolls, dipping, fruit, cold cuts, relishes, seafood and even sushi.

For these who eat sushi often or enjoy Asian food of any kind, soy sauce dispenser and dish are one of those essential accessories. Instead of having some unattractive normal bottle or dish on table, you can have something not only functional but also beautiful. Check the 11 Beautiful Soy Sauce Dispensers and Dishes in this post, which can definitely help to add a beautiful accent to your table setting.

“Art Glass” has been almost exclusively intended to decorate the home and was historically bought by those who could afford to commission individual work. However this last distinction today is becoming moot as glass artists strive to produce works of ever increasing distinction whether commissioned or not. In these days, you can find art glass work widely used in the home decor, from glass vases to glass Sculpture, from oil lamp to table top decoration. You will find a selection of 11 Beautiful Art Glass in this post and hope you enjoy.

Sake, a Japanese alcoholic beverage made from rice, has written references that date back to the 3rd century. It is traditionally served warm or cold in tiny cups filled from delicate and beautiful flasks. This post showcases 11 Elegant and Unique Sake Sets, which will be perfect for everyday use or collection.

What good would it be to have a fantastically bottle of wine if you didn?t have the proper decanter to prepare it for your guests. In this post, we will present you with a collection of 18 Modern and Unusual Decanters. Each of them is an artful masterpiece, as well as an extremely functional wine vessel. We are pretty sure, the person serving from any of those decanters will definitely create a dramatic presentation and delight your guests. In some special occasion like the coming Valentine’s Day, an elegant decanter will for sure spice up your dinner.

8 Collection of unusual and creative glassware designs from around the world, which will definitely spice up your home and make your guest admire…. Branch Style Wine Carafes, Self-filling Champagne Glasses, Orgiastic Carafe and Candy Cane Shot Glasses…etc., all in this post….Hope you enjoy… 1. Gravity Magnetic Shot Glasses w/ Tray [link] Twist this tray of shot glasses left, right, sideways, even upside down and these gravity defying shot glasses will never fall off!