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Don’t like kids lunch boxes mostly focus on color, pattern and shape; adult lunch boxes pay more attention to functionality. Usually, they are somewhat nerdy, just a normal box made of stainless steel or glass. You might wonder, is there any cool looking lunch boxes for adult. The answer is yes, take a look at the 7 Cool Lunch Boxes we presented in the post, they are functional and coming with styles.

Plate, as one of the most common dishware, is mainly used for food serving. They are commonly made from ceramic, as well as other materials like plastic, glass, or metal; They might have different size, color and pattern, but mostly, they are just flat vessel. You might never connect them with cool or unusual, since they are just too normal. While in this post, we will show you 7 interesting designs of plate, each one has some special - function, shape, material or just playful. Take a look and hope you like them.

A bowl is a common open-top container used in many cultures to serve food, which has been existed for thousands of years. You might see bowls in different color and pattern, but multifunctional bowls? Really? Take a look at our today’s post, you can find some interesting function bowls now have, like iPhone holder so you can enjoy your favorite smartphone activities while eating or crispy bowl allows every bite of your cereal or crackers to be as crispy as the first bite.

Oh, wake up, it’s espresso time! Serving espresso can be fun and elegant. Take a look and 7 Cool and Modern Espresso Sets we presented here. Imagine yourself living the Parisian life with these incredibly designed espresso set that will leave your party guests breathless. They are gorgeous as decorative accents and better for serving as well. Among those beautiful designs, Alessi Hazel Espresso Cups is our favorite. What is yours?

Snack bowl is nice not only if you have guests over but also for yourself if you want to eat some pretzels in front of the TV. Of course, you can use your normal small bowl, but there are so many fun and cool bowls designed for snack specifically. They are not only have fun shape, but easy to carry around. Some of them even come with side dish for wastes. Take a look at those cool snack bowl and get yourself ready for the next show.

A salad bowl makes a good conversation starter or a great gift. Especially if you choose a beautiful salad bowl, or a salad bowl set. Here, we located 5 Stylish Salad Bowls with Servers what we think are some of the best salad bowls available online. Browse the page to find your favorite and enjoy your salad with these enticing salad bowls.

Have you mastered the world’s very best made-from-scratch gravy? We certainly hope you aren’t serving it in a plain old gravy boat that’s all function, zero fashion. Take a look at 11 Beautiful and Stylish Gravy Boats presented in this post, which can not only keep sauces and gravies warm, but also lend a touch of modern elegance to your table. Hope you enjoy!

Whether part of your breakfast table, brunch buffet or dinner service, sugar bowl is something can’t be missed. These days, sugar bowl is designed not only as a container for sugar, but also server a beautiful decoration on your table. Glass, stainless, porcelain, there are 9 Beautiful and Elegant Sugar Bowl Designs shown in this post, hope you like them and get some inspiration to decorate your table.

If you love butter but find it hard to keep at a spreadable temperature, Butter Dish is what you need. A butter dish is a specialized dish in which butter is served. It would normally have a base with a separate fitting lid with its own handle. Take a look at 11 Modern and Elegant Butter Dishes featured in this post, which will be Perfect for everyday use or elegant entertaining.

The Fruit Bowls/Holders add both style and utility to you home and is moreover highly in showcasing the natural beauty of fruits. They can be made of different materials: glass, stainless steel, wood, plastic or bamboo. They come in different shapes and are used for various fruits. In this post, we rounded up 12 Modern and Stylish Fruit Bowls/Holders which will definitely help to bring elegance and style to your table as well as display your fruit in an appetizing and appealing manner.

The lunch box, also referred to as a lunch pail or lunch kit, has most often been used by schoolchildren to take packed lunches, or a snack, from home to school. Selecting a lunchbox that will stand up to the rigors of childhood and endure throughout the entire school year is important for your kids. Take a look at today’s collection: 11 Cute and Useful Lunch Boxes. Made of stainless steel, BPA free plastic or thermal materials, these lunch boxes coming with different style and pattern are good for your kids and yourself as well.

If there is something can’t be missed from your kitchen, bowl must be one of them. We need them for soup, for rice, for salad, for dipping, for snack, for mixing, for icecream. They have so many functions and use, serving various ages. In this post, we will present you 16 Modern and Stylish Bowl Designs, which will help you enjoy your stylish and convenient life.