Wood, as the material mostly used in furniture, is not commonly seen in our daily appliances any more. Usually, we will use plastics because it is cheaper, easier to produce or steel because it is more durable. Technologies of producing beautiful things from wood suffered greatly. While in this post, we will bring up some interesting designs which are made out of wood. If you want to have something unusual and natural, take a look at following items and hope you enjoy.

Birdhouse, or nestbox, is a man-made enclosure provided for birds to nest in. Different sizes of birdhouses suit different species of birds with very small boxes attracting wrens and tree-creepers and very large ones attracting ducks and owls.

Probably in the modern sense, cookie jar isn’t as important as old days, which we have no other ways to protect your hard baked cookies. But we both know there is something special about it, maybe just old memory about selecting that one “perfect” cookie from grandma’s cookie jar. But anyway, cookie jar is still a new addition to many kitchens. In this post, we prepare 6 Cool and Unusual Cookie Jars options for those who are interested to have a nice litter jar at home.

Easter is hopping around the corner! It’s time to think about how to dress up your home and find some unique table decoration for the Easter holidays. Haven’t done your research yet? No worry, we have 6 fun bunny and egg decorations for you. Hungry salad bunny, adorable napkin bunny or plant growing eggling, these fun and cool designs will definitely help to spice up your home for the coming Easter.

For some reason, industrial designers like to use leaf-shape in their creation. There are many creative and beautiful designs around it. Maybe people just love to have some fresh and nature related things besides them to enlight their life. Take a look at the 5 Beautiful Leaf Shaped Products in this post, and find more on our previous post - cool leaf inspired designs.

There are no shortage of iPad cases on the market since we not only need something to protect our beloved iPads but personalized it as well. Here are 5 Cool and Fun iPad Cases we prepared for you. Hope you like them. 1. CYCLOPS [link] Cyclops turns your iPad into a terrifying and huggable monster. Use our mouth image as wallpaper, or make your own! His hands are made of microfiber to clean your iPad screen, and he’s padded on the back for extra protection.