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Still wondering what will be the gift for your Mother? How about giving your treasured mother a lovely box in which to keep her treasured jewelry! We rounded up 9 Beautiful Jewelry Boxes in different styles, materials and features, from seriously jewelry organizers to decorative jewelry holders. Hope you like it and find the perfect one for your mom.

Keep your favorite rings safe but accessible with below Beautiful and Functional Ring Holders. Simply slip the rings off your fingers and store them onto these holders. You’ll never have to worry about losing a ring down the kitchen drain! What’s more, they are so beautiful which can not only display your rings and also server as a decoration in your home. Take a look at these beautiful ring holders and check our previous post about jewelry stands for more jewelry organizing ideas.

The snake is one of nature’s oldest and most mysterious animals. Most women understand the knack of making themselves stand out in a huge crowd by using different pieces of jewelry in snake designs. Over the years vintage fashion snake jewelry has gained tremendous popularity. Different kinds of metals and materials like yellow gold, white gold, platinum, beads, crystals and bright colored gemstones, etc are used in various designs in snake jewelry. Here is our collection of 9 Stylish and Unique Snake Jewelry Designs, hope you enjoy.

An eye-catching pair of earrings can transform a basic white shirt/black pants combo into a striking ensemble, while a sparkling gemstone pendant adds elegance to the simplest dress. Locating the right piece of jewelry for an outfit, occasion, or one?s mood shouldn?t be chore, yet tangled necklaces, unmatched earrings, and difficult-to-find charms, studs, and rings are common issues with conventional jewelry boxes. For organized and visual jewelry storage on a bedroom dresser or bathroom counter, we will present you with these Modern and Stylish Jewelry Stands, which will not only be a convenient assets in your life but also a great gife idea for coming holiday season.

We have seen 18 Food Inspired Earring Designs in our last topic, I guess you began to get used to those unusual / bizarre earrings and probably won’t be that surprised to see the earrings in this post. Really? For me, I am still amused/shocked when I prepared this list. Seriously, hanging scissors, knives, gun, bullet, handcuff and even poo and toilet paper… Em…pretty interesting? Check out the list by yourself, here is our 18 Life Object Inspired Earring Designs.

These earrings are totally nerdy, but in a funny way. we rounded up 18 Food Inspired Earring Designs in this post, you will find it is pretty amazing/amusing to hang those food (bacon, egg, humberg, vegetable, sushi and even soup) on the ears… Sounds funny? Check by yourself.

Ring is one of the most ancient jewelry and one of the way to express yourself. This collection consists of 13 unusual rings. You?ll be surprised by imagination of theirs creators. Some of them are funny design while some of them are ridiculous, especially Human Tooth Ring.