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If you are struggling with limited space at home, then this post is for you. Here are can find 10 stylish and functional “over the door” hooks and racks for your hat, scarf, handbag, coat, towel and even stroller. They are not only hooks/racks, but hooks/racks with design! Now you can save space without compromising on style.

Due to the expanding population and increasing living expense, generally, we live in smaller and smaller place. To make full use of all the limited space we get, wall mounted designs are one of those potential options. There are lots of wall mounted designs on the market, such as shelf, storage unit, utility rack, kitchenware holder…… In this post, we will present you with 13 Useful Wall Mounted Designs help Organize your Life and Free your Space. Hope you enjoy it.

Ask a chef about what s/he does with his/her pots…. a good one will say “It’s not what you do with your pot, it’s where you put your lid!” Isn?t it frustrating when your pot lid is nowhere to be found? It is stressful and time consuming. Nothing compares to a well maintained kitchen and your pot lids should have an appropriate organizer. In this post, we will present you with 11 Innovative and Useful Lid Organizers, from mounting on wall to rolling out from cabinet, from hanging from ceil to clipping on the pot. There are so many lid organizer designs which can meet your different needs, not matter for cooking or storing.

Most homeowners have long forgotten about the good old dish rack, so incomplete is a kitchen today without a built-in dishwasher. But dish racks can be the perfect chore-mate for tiny kitchens where space premiums–or budgets–don’t make a dishwasher reasonable, for the less-modern summer cabin, or for anyone who occasionally whips through a few dirty dishes between loads. Dish racks are usually equipped with slots and gaps so that dishes can be kept in a standing position and glasses can be placed upside down to facilitate the drainage of any water. In this post, we will present you with 10 Modern and Functional Dish Rack Designs. Hope you find it useful.

Just think about how much money we spend on just one pair of shoes, it adds up. Before you know it there are thousands of dollars worth of shoes cluttering up the floor of the closet. However, find a good, safe place to store them can be a hassle. we rounded up 15 nice and useful shoe storage (shoe cabinet, shoe rack, shoe bench and shoe shelf) which might be helpful to keep your home clean and nice as well as eases the selection process each and every morning.

No modern dream home is complete without a dazzling, eye-catching coat rack ? and there is plenty of options to choose from. You need it, your guest need it and your kids need it. Here are 11 Modern and Stylish Coat Racks designs which have different style and shapes for all your purpose. Some of them even take care of your umbrella.

Get kitchens organized with a handy and attractive spice rack! In this post, we rounded up 13 Cool Spice Rack Designs which are designed to revolve, so the spice of your choice is readily at your fingertips. They are appealing to the eye and great help during the cooking. Just a prefect gift idea for novices or seasoned chefs alike.

You have a collections of magazines and you want them be organized, easy accessed or displayed in style. Hence, we rounded up 17 Stylish and Useful Magazine Rack and Holder Designs, from wood to chrome, from living room to bathroom, from wall to floor. Hope you enjoy the post!