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Using a watering can is a good way to save water when you’re watering outdoor plants and essential for indoor plants. They should not only have enough capacity but also easy to carry and pour. Different from the usual, boring watering cans, here we have some cool looking ones to help you grow your garden playfully and stylishly. 1. Eva Solo AquaStar Watering Can [buy here] The Aquastar minimalist designed watering-can is designed to display in a room on a table, shelf or counter top, to be available for use anytime.
If you feed the squirrels, why not laugh at them at the same time? With below 4 Interesting Squirrel Feeders, you can feed squirrels and as well as enjoy the the eating show. Clever squirrels love those challenges and looking for their food, they will forget all about your bird feeders! Accoutrements Big Head Squirrel Feeder Hang this vinyl 5-1/2" x 8" (14 cm x 20.3 cm) Big Head Squirrel Feeder in a spot where you can see it, fill it with squirrel food and as the squirrel eats he will look like he has a giant, unwieldy head with a goofy expression.

Indoor Herb Gardens are perfect for apartment dwellers who itch to exercise their green thumbs. Imagine having a thriving garden that’s free of bugs and poor climate, whenever you needed a teaspoon of herbs for a recipe, you could just cut it from a LIVE plant, even during the cold winter months! Aside from the nutritional value of these herbs, houseplants in general are a great way to clean the air.Here, we rounded up 10 Best Indoor Herb Garden kits for you. Hope you find it useful and enjoy your own house-growing herb soon.

Summer is a nice season to see observe birds. With bird bath and bird feeder hanging on your window or placed in your garden helps to attract birds. You can watch those beautiful wild birds and at same time, provide them with food and help birds keep cool in the heat of summer with bird baths. Checking below 13 well designed Bird Baths and Bird Feeders, hope you can attract more birds all summer long with the help of those products.

Once you have built your beautiful deck, finish it off with deck patio furniture, cedar, teak or finished metal, to make it inviting and like an extension of your home. Because in reality a patio or deck is simply an outdoor living space. Here are 14 Modern and Contemporary outdoor Furniture sets that can handle weather and turn your backyard into a beautiful living space.

If you enjoy spending time outside in the garden you?ll enjoy it even more if it?s full of gadgets. Here we look at many types of tools and gadgets, from advanced auto watering system to simple greenhouse kits. This poster is dedicated to gadgets that wouldn?t look out of place in any technology loving geeks outdoor room. And they are also great ideas for gifts for your favorite gardener, even if it’s you!

Is there anything more beautiful than walking through a garden that is illuminated in the evening? Enjoy the shadows cast by moon, feel the cool evening breezes and listen to the ringing music of the fountain! With the addition of solar powered gadgets to your garden you can not only save time and money but you can add the artistic accent anywhere you like. You are no longer restricted by the cost and labor needed to power your garden.