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In today’s age, everyone has become health conscious and understands the importance of exercise. However, for many people, going to a commercial gym is not always possible. Hence, the perfect solution is a home gym. A home gym can be considered an investment for your health. It is not only convenient and peaceful but relatively inexpensive. In this post, we will present you with 17 Useful Home Gym Products, which can help rock your way to a stronger, healthier body. Get yours, and a better body, now!

You like cycling and want enjoy the fun and health lifestyle. Then you probably also want to check this post, where we featured 13 Cool and Useful Products for your Bike. With iphone, ipod or mp3 player mount, you can have your music with you all the time; with bottle or coffee mount, you can enjoy your drink during cycling; with compact tool set and mount bike, you can fix or adjust your bike whenever and wherever, with cool wheel display system, you will be the star on the street. Can’t wait? Just keep reading…

We have seen some creative folding electronics design in previous post. Today, we will continue our folding exploration and present you 8 folding inspired Transport Design. Talking about folding transport, the first thing comes into my mind is folding bike… However, bike is not the only thing can be folded… skateboard, car, Kayak, truck and even plane also can also be folded.

Yes?. Again? Here is our third issue about cool/creative/usual bike design. After so many functional and cool designs in first two posts, we will present you with something different in today?s post. We have Magical Bike which grows with kids or music player inspired Polygon Bike or Variable Frame Bike which allows you to easily switch position from one to another?. Find your coolest bike? Check out this post. 1. eco // 07 The Reinvention of the Wheel [link]
Hope you like our last post about the 6 creative Bike Design, and more cool bike designs are coming today. In this post, we will introduce you with some futuristic bike designs like Oryx or funny-looking walking bike and some incredible foldable bikes?? Enjoy your journey to the bike kingdom. 1. Sporty Bike [link] the bike boasts of an aerodynamic design coupled with user-friendly ergonomics. What I really like is the ample display nestled between the handlebars.
For the sake of environment and exercise, more and more people choose to use bikes, especially at weekends?. Having a stylish bike has become a kind of trend. Due to that reason, lots of effort is put to create functional and fashionable bikes. We try to present you with some unusual and creative and functional designs collected from world. All those cool stuff will be introduced in several issues and there is the first: