9 Creative and Unusual Door Knob/Door Handle

Door knob or dorr handle, can’t be more normal in our daily life… How can that be crerative or unusual? Check this post to see how those designer daring twists on a traditionally utilitarian theme and unlock your perceptions of what door knob/door handle could be.

1. Disappearing Doorknob Concept [link]

Innovative door handle system, designed by Arnaud Lapierre, promises to ensure your privacy by hiding the knob when the door is locked. It uses clever pulley system that retracts the exterior door knob when pulled from the inside.

Disappearing Doorknob Concept

2. Light Bulb Door Handle Concept [link]

His Knob Light is a door knob with an internal generator that stores energy and illuminates the way in emergencies or whenever you need a guide to the loo. How it relates to the butterfly effect theory is esoteric but simply by expanding the knob?s function to include illumination, you effectively change the way you use the knob.

Light Bulb Door Handle Concept

3. Help Lock doorknob [link]

The first time you activate the Help Lock doorknob, you program in a phone number and a time. This is the amount of time you get to be in the bathroom without the door going NUTS!

From the first time forward, each time you close the door and hit the ?go? button, you have the alloted amount of time to use the toilet, shower, bath, or do whatever else ? after that alloted amount of time, an alarm goes off!

The alarm sounds for 30 warning seconds (it?s quiet) during which you can still turn it off, followed by Loud Noises and a phone call to the programmed number.

Not sure is that a good idea…the only thing I know is I will be driven madness to those button…alarm…noise things.

Help Lock doorknob

4. Door handle [link]

Door handle

5. HanLED glows in the dark [link]

The HanLED is one intuitive sustainable handle that lights up when you approach the door, you put the key and the back side lights, finally you unlock the door and you get a warm welcome with a friendly green signal. Taking energy from the sun during the daytime, it gets powered, thereby letting the LED to glow in the dark when sought after.

HanLED glows in the dark

6. Art Glass Doorknobs [link]

Out Of The Blue Design Studio will knock your socks off with literally dozens of spectacularly beautiful doorknobs crafted with care from exquisite art glass. The available designs range from natural images of leaves, flowers and even a globe, to more abstract themes that serve to focus your attention ? and likely the sun?s rays on a bright clear day. These cooler than cool doorknobs look so good you?ll be tempted to forbid people from touching them for fear of leaving fingerprints.

Art Glass Doorknobs


Designer Jess Han has re-imagined the simple door handle with a DaVinci Code style lock that denies entry for all but the chosen few (cue: dramatic music). This intuitive door handle dubbed the ?NUMLOCK HANDLE? features a numbered dial-lock that re-shuffles and locks itself after every successful entry. Get the code incorrect and Tom Hanks gets punched in the gut by an albino assassin. The numbers can be replaced or supplemented with braille for that extra level of mystery.


8. The Illuminating Door Handle [link]

s you can see from this pictures the handle indicates the room is occupied with a red light on the outside of the door when the thumb turn is activated. When the room is vacant there is a continuous green light on the outside. This door handle can be very useful for toilets, and especially in college dorms, when students can send an obvious ?Don?t disturb !!!?a message to their roommates.

The Illuminating Door Handle

9. “Jiong” Doorknobs [link]

Jiong is an interesting Chinese character that sports a half-smiling and half-fainting face, and is very popular on Internet. People use its caricature as an emoticon to display shock and dramatize a situation. Designer Haikun Deng plans to make a drama queen out of Jiong cause she has fashioned it to ?commit suicide? if you slam the door shut! SLAM and the bl@@dy door knob hits you hard in your hands!

Jiong Doorknobs