20 Funny and Creative Tie Designs

Somehow, I always think tie is something serious, going with business style…But apparently, we have plenty of funny ties running outside which are totally different from what I saw before. So, just enjoy a good laugh with us and our funny ties.

1. Hanging Tie [link]

Hanging Tie

2. Photoshop Tie [link]

 Photoshop Tie

3. USB tie [link]

USB tie

4. Circuit Board Tie [link]

Circuit Board Tie

5. Keyboard Tie [link]

Keyboard Tie

6. Tetris Tie [link]

Tetris Tie

7. Solar Powered Tie [link]

Solar Powered Tie

8. Crosswords Tie [link]

Crosswords Tie

9. Taxi Tie [link]

Taxi Tie

10. Gamer Tie [link]

Gamer Tie

11. Hot Dog Tie [link]

Hot Dog Tie

12. Ice cream Tie [link]

Ice cream Tie

13. Beer Tie [link]

Beer Tie

14. 8-bit Tie [link]

8-bit Tie

15. The How To Tie A Tie Tie [link]

The How To Tie A Tie Tie

16. Lady Belly Tie [link]

Lady Belly Tie

17. Black Sheep Tie [link]

Black Sheep Tie

18. Gibson Guitar Tie [link]

Gibson Guitar Tie

19. Saxophone Shape Tie [link]

Saxophone Shape Tie

20. Blood Spattered Tie [link]

Blood Spattered Tie