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You probably have heard of edible spoons or dipped spoons, or even used them already. There are many kits help you make your own edible spoons, but if you don’t want that trouble, you can always buy yourself some delicious spoons like candy spoon, chocolate spoon, cookie spoon, ginger spoon or corn spoon. Here you rounded up 7 Tasty Edible Spoons from the world. Take a look and let us know which spoon is more tempting.

Kitchen seem to be one of the most wonderful place where full of all kinds of cool gadgets. We have talked about lots of cool gadgets like: baking pans, serving tongs, dish racks, oil and vinegar sets, and etc. Today we will talk about “spoon rest”, which could prevent cooking fluids from getting onto countertops. Although it’s not a essential gadgets in your kitchen, a modern and stylish spoon rest could make your kitchen stand out.

Eating is a necessity, but it doesn?t have to be boring. There?s a variety of really innovative cutlery available from leading designers around the world, which can help us dress up our table and impress our guests. In this post, we rounded up 11 Elegant and Unusual Cutlery, hope you enjoy those pretty cutting edge designs

Knife is some essential tool we use everyday, which has different function and usage. They are one of the most practical tools but that doesn’t mean they can’t have some cool and slick design. In this post, we will present you with 12 Modern and Stylish Knife Set Designs. Some of them are pretty funny or unusual, like the five Finger Fillet Steak Set and Throwzini 6-Piece Knife Set, which will definitely spice your kicthen if you have one.