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Even with all the digitization these days, most of us still have some books at home. To keep them in order, bookend is something helpful. Almost any object can be turned into a bookend. However, you can find some really cool and creative bookends, which will not only hold your books, but works as a great assert to your home decoration or provides some bonus function other than a bookend. Here are 6 ideas for cool homemade bookends to get you started.

This collection of bookcases offers some modern options for storage and display in your home. With many different styles, materials, sizes, and finishes available, there is sure to be an option that will fit your needs - store books, and show off decorative items in your hallway, home office, living room, or other space. Have a look at these stylish and bold contemporary bookcase designs, which will help to add stylish storage as well as spice up your home with some personal touch.

Are you looking for cool bookends that coordinate with your room decor or are you looking for a great piece of art that doubles as bookends? Take a look at this post, where we rounded up 12 Cool Bookends to help you help holding up all those great books, and adding cool bookends does that with style.

Are your books all tatty with dog ears? Is your drawer full of boring and easily torn bookmarks? Take a look at 14 Creative Bookmark Designs presented in this post. There are so many useful functions provided by those designs, such as bookmark with LED light or Electronic Timer, bookmark can remember your last page as well as your last line, or bookmark you can play with and help to relief pressure. We also included some beautiful and collectible bookmarks. Hope you can find something you like.

To live large in small apartment, even corner needs to be fully used. And in our today’s post, we will present you with 13 Stylish and Useful Corner Shelf / Storage Systems. They can not only help you save your space but also stylize your room via placing some nice flower, photo or decoration. Let’s live smart and styled.

Here on GadgetSharp we try to find things that will inspire you, give you ideas and make your home a better place to live. Today we decided to make a collection with the modern and creative bookshelves that we collected around world and here is 11 bookshelves we believe can spice your home.