Unusual Modern Table Design

Here is a collection of 8 unusual modern table designs. Those innovative and Intuitive designs give the new touch of our normal daily table, such as Green Table which has some plant grow on it and TMRnyc’s wired table incorporate a hidden cable management system?. So many good stuff?. Just check them!

1. TMRnyc’s wired table [link]

The Side Wired Desk concept came out of a desire to organize all the visual madness of cords, wall warts, and power bricks sprouting out of my laptop, monitors, hard drives and speakers, spilling on to the floor into an ugly tangle of a powerstrip, cat hair and cables.

The design challenge was to make a great looking desk, incorporate a hidden cable management system and power source as well as making it fast/easy to get at the cable ends to rearrange things when as the situation arises. One of the solutions was to make the wire grommets a part of the design. The other solution was to make a hinged tray to manage the cables that can also hold hard drives and any other corded object that clutters the desktop.

2. Schlicht table [link]

In this era of chipping and fixing in designing, we don?t see a product bent with a single piece too often. However, Sydney-based designer Nathan Mills, breaking away from current inclinations, has come up with an innovative furniture unit design.

3. Twine Table [link]

Twine Table is a series of tables inspired by one of mankind?s most simple inventions: the button. The table top is an over-size button, whilst the metal wire pierces and twists around the surface to create an elegant base. A playful and nostalgic addition to any interior.

4. Mushroom Forest Coffee Table [link]

The Mushroom Forest Table Series is a new table design concept from Bay Area Designer Thomas Wold. These collectible designs are available in two sizes: a three-top single-color side table/nightstand and a seven-top, multicolor coffee table. The mushroom caps function as flat table tops, each with different height and cap circumference. The “burl” base provides an extremely stable platform for the “growing” stems and caps. The Mushroom Forest Series of tables provide a dramatic setting for objects such as glasses, books, vases, or alarm clocks or simply serves as a reminder to be happy.

5. Tre Table Multi Function Table [link]

The Tre Table Multi Function Table is Multifunctional design, can be used as a coffee table, end table, computer desk, or a dinner tray / laptop stand. Available in natural walnut veneer, black or white. when it used as a mini desk for the laptop, I think it’s too small to place my mouse, but still cool.

6. Ballerina Table [link]

Choose your favorite tablecloth and share with your Ballerina Table at home.

7. Green Table [link]

Look at this lovely table you see here, then let me introduce you to the plants it?s got growing on it. Tillandsias, also known as Air Plants grow without soil, feeding instead on the moisture it finds in the air (dust, decaying leaves and insect matter). These plants rely on a host structure for support, but don?t worry, the table wasn?t alive to begin with.

But then again, the table wouldn?t be killed by this whole ordeal, as the Tillandsias that grow on top of it use a host structure simply for structural support. Seems like a fair deal to me.

These tables are made for the freshening of a home, as the Tillandsias absorb CO2 from the air and produce oxygen in the night.

8. Caesar Stone Table [link]

Made of standard Caesar materials, the multifunctional furniture features a free flowing form with a nifty storage area underneath the surface of the table. While the special board, developed in glass with embedded side lightning, of the table not just make the unit durable and lightweight, for a safe as well as easy transportation, but at the same time trendy to be placed in contemporary apartments.