Everyone spends almost 1/3 life on beds. Hence, bed is kind of most important furniture at home. In this blog, we will introduce you 7 creative, cool, and unusual beds. Some of them are very comfortable, while some definitely weren?t designed for a good night?s sleep. 1. The Feel Sofa / Bed [link] This unusual bed looks like it has the potential to be extremely comfortable. 2. The Bed Up [link]
With the development of computer, there are so many gadgets designed to make our life easy or add more fun? Generally, there are three types of gadgets: Mechanical gadgets, Electronic gadgets, and Application gadgets. Today, I am going to talk something about the application gadgets, more specifically, Microsoft Windows Gadgets. I will list 7 useful / interesting gadgets I used and hope you also like them. 1. All CPU Meter With Temperatures [link]
Want add some special function to your daily T-shirt? Here is three interesting designs of tees, which will definitely spice up anyone’s wardrobe, and catch others' attention… Wifi T-Shirt [link] These nifty little Tee’s detect the strength of a Wi-Fi signal when you’re on the move with bars that light up depending on how strong the signal is. I saw one of my colleague wore this tee once. The signal receiver is actually an extra thing stick to the shirt.
In this blog, we will introduce you some creative and bizarre door designs that will spice up your home and surprise your guests…Some of them are still concept design such as the magnetic door and some of them are already used and add so much fun to the life already, like the ping pong table door…. Thief-Proof Home Door Lock-and-Chain Maze [link] The question is no longer “can they get in” but rather “can you get out?

What you can expect from umbrella except keeping you dry in the raining day? Want music? Want GPS? Want weather forecast? Or just want it look really special and unique. Check this blog, you know, you can expect from your Daily Umbrella.

What we can expect from a faucet besides getting water? Should all the water goes down from a faucet? Should we add some magic light effect to water? Can it help us to save water? Or even, read my email ?!!! Check this list, hope you can explore something new about faucet.