Let Pillow Talk - Creative Design on Pillow

Pillow is something really close to us in the life? what a pillow can do except supporting your head during the sleep? Or give us a hug when we feel alone? How about show our personality or interesting or professional via the pillow you use? Game lover? Apple fans? Graphic Designer? There are always something special and unique for you.

1. Colorful iPhone icon Pillows [link]

I don’t even have an iPhone, but I’m digging these icon pillows. They’re colorful, cute, happy, and soft, characteristics that I wouldn’t ordinarily associate with a shiny black gadget.

Colorful iPhone icon Pillows

2. MP3 Player Pillow [link]

If you love your iPod and can?t bear to be parted from it even when asleep then this is the solution, the MP3 Pillow, a pillow shaped like an iPod.

Not only does the pillow offer traditional pillow functionality it also incorporates a speaker so you can listen to tunes while you snooze. To finish things off and make this one of the coolest iPod accessories going, the buttons on the pillow actually work, so once connected to your player you can control it by poking your pillow.

MP3 Player Pillow

3. Mac OS X Icons Pillows [link]

We know your computer is more than a tool. It’s a constant companion, a friend. A gateway to the great heights of “risqu?.” The hub to your very life and existence. But we think it should be more. It should be snuggled close to you as you sleep and clutched tightly in your clammy hands during that especially gruesome scene in The Ring. And, since polycarbonate and aluminum hardly lend themselves to cuddly-comfort, we’ve got the solution.

Mac OS X Icons Pillows

4. DOS Pillow [link]

Dosugus pillow looks like a black screen and has good old DOS directories embroidered on it. Just remind us of the old times…

DOS Pillow

5. Ctrl Alt Del Pillows [link]

Reboot your livingroom with this three pillow set. Light gray pillows look as if they?ve jumped right off your keyboard.

Ctrl Alt Del Pillows

6. Cushion Control pillows [link]

Didier Hilhorst and Nicholas Zambetti’s Cushion Control pillows for Droog remotely control power, channels, and volume levels. The designers' aim includes provoking users to argue over “who has the remote,” ultimately ending with a pillow fight.

Cushion Control pillows

7. Twitter Icon Pillow [link]

Calling all twitterers! Failwhale got you down? Don’t worry, now you have this comfy cozy Twitter Pillow to squeeze till you can tweet again. Better yet, count your followers and catch a few Z’s, and when you wake up, tweet and re-tweet about how this pillow totally rocks.

Twitter Icon Pillow

8. Pillow for game lover [link] [link] [link]

NES Controller Pillows, Nintendo Wii Controller Pillow, and PSP Pillow

Pillow for game lover

9. Talking Pillows Series [link]

Designer Egor Bashakov had himself an inspiring vision when it comes to bedroom accessory design. We?re willing to wager that this inspiration didn?t come from Bashakov?s waking life. The Talking Pillows series includes a wide range of designs from cartoonish speech bubbles to animated patterns and characters. We?re counting the days until Threadless gets ahold of these, that would certainly be a match made in heaven

Talking Pillows series

10. Adobe Icons Pillows [link]

From digital to dwelling, Adobe iconography is finding a cozy spot in designer?s abodes on these new App Pillows. Each hand-stitched and stuffed pillow is emblazoned with the colorful icon of an Adobe software product. After an eye-searing day spent clicking and dragging, designers can rest their heads atop $15 a Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Flash, InDesign or Dreamweaver cushions. Sounds like funny…I want a flash one..lol

Adobe Icons Pillows

11. Browsers Icon Pillows [link]

Firefox, chrome and safari….No IE……

Browsers Icon Pillows