13 Creative and Useful Salad Utensils

It’s summer, it’s salad time. In this post, we will introduce you 13 salad gadgets, which are very useful for preparing, serving and even eating salad. Hence, salad lover, just enjoy reading these great salad utensils and hope you can find something useful to you.

1. Gama-Go Sing-a-long Tongs [amazon]

Fresh salad meets power ballad with Sing Along Tongs! Punk rockers and hip hoppers alike can get into the groove while fryin' up some bacon.

A locking handle secures this 14" mic in place as cooks take to the stage for dinner and a show. These dishwasher safe, 500 degrees Fahrenheit (260 Celsius) test silicone pinchers have what it takes to turn a Julia Child into an Ozzy Osbourne in one hot minute!

Gama-Go Sing-a-long Tongs

2. Makes Me Want A Salad [amazon]

It?s so simple yet effective. I love the Hands On Salad Bowl, winner of a 2010 Red Dot Award. A pair of serving sporks are integrated into the bowl blending smoothly into the design. There?s a unique sculptural element to it and hey, it?s seriously fun to look at. The entire thing is made of melamine so easy care is the name of the game. Joseph Joseph is becoming quite the little hot spot for interesting home product design lately.

Makes Me Want A Salad

3. Pepperfork and Saltspoon [link]

The Pepperfork and Saltspoon is a Salad serving and condiment set. It will help you flavor and toss your salad just in few seconds, it has everything in a single piece. Any time you need a little extra flavor, just turn them round upside down and shake.

It remains always vertical position, like the sculpture. You don’t need other stuff on the table because you have the salt and pepper container in the handle of the serving set.

Pepperfork and Saltspoon

4. Salad bowl & Servers [amazon]

This stylish salad bowl and server set is perfect for healthy family dinners, both indoors and outdoors. Perfect for pasta or fruit salad it also makes an ideal fruit bowl. Its distinctive form and vibrant colours make it the perfect centrepiece for almost any dining occasion.

Salad bowl & Servers

5. Outdoor Party Platter - Salad Served Fresh And Cold [link ]

The ?Outdoor Party Platter? is quite modest in terms of design and presentation, but that doesn?t come in its way of it being a winner concept. It?s a dish-in-dish design, with the bottom insulated part made from cork and the upper platter part made from bamboo. Place sufficient ice in the bottom half and serve cold cuts or salads from the top platter. The thoughtful (optional) inserts allow you to serve more than one food item at a time, without them running into each other. A handy-dandy for those who like to plan picnics and outdoor parties

Outdoor Party Platter - Salad Served Fresh And Cold

6. INSET - a perfect pair of salad servers [amazon]

These sleek and stylish salad servers are two of a kind - they nestle perfectly together for presentation and storage. They?re crafted from high-quality stainless steel with a fine brushed finish. The creation of renowned German designer Judith Hoefel, InSet is designed to love and built to last. Each pair is nestled in a clear-lidded gift box.

INSET - a perfect pair of salad servers

7. SMILE! - 9? salad-snack-desert plates [amazon]

Ok… this one is not really for serving salad, but helps you notice is there any leaves stick on your tooth with its built in mirror in the middle.

It?s always important to always look your best, especially at the dinner table. So, between appetizer and entree, sneak a peek at Smile! and banish that telltale spinach. With its built-in mirror, you?ll eat, drink and be pretty. Two 9? salad-snack-desert plates in each giftbox, crafted from food-safe, high-fire ceramic.

SMILE! - 9? salad-snack-desert plates

8. Vacu Vin Salad Cutter [amazon]

This unique Salad Cutter removes the core of the lettuce in seconds and separates the leaves.

Vacu Vin Salad Cutter

9. OXO Good Grips Salad Chopper and Bowl [amazon]

Eating a full day’s dose of fresh produce gets easier and quicker with Oxo’s two-piece salad chopper set. Designed to let you chop ingredients without transferring them to and from a cutting board, the set includes a rimmed bowl and a rolling chopper hand tool. The tool sports double circular blades made from stainless steel for efficient slicing of greens, veggies, fruit, cheese, and meat. An angled, soft-grip handle makes the work safer and more comfortable. Fashioned from durable white plastic, the bowl has a continuous inner curve to create constant contact with the blades, and its gripper rim simplifies chopping rotation. With a 5-1/2-quart capacity, the set easily cranks out salad for a group, and for easy cleanup, both bowl and chopper go in the dishwasher.
Quickly transform everyday vegetables into appetizing and nutritious chopped salads with the OXO Good Grips Salad Chopper and Bow.

OXO Good Grips Salad Chopper and Bowl

10. Silvermark Toss and Chop Salad Chopper [amazon]

Silvermark Toss and Chop is a hand held cutlery device specifically designed to chip and dice directly in a bowl. Use the Toss and Chop to prepare salads, vegtables, fruits, nuts and more. High-quality, heat-treated blades with micro-serrated edges that will never require sharpening.

Silvermark Toss and Chop Salad Chopper

11. Silvermark Microfiber Salad Bag [amazon]

Silvermark brings state-of-the-art technologu to food storage. The practical storage solution for freshly washed produce. Microfiber material is ideal for storing freshly washed lettuce and other salad greens. Keeps freshly washed produce onhand and ready to use.

Silvermark Microfiber Salad Bag

12. Argee “Spin ‘n Stor” Reusable Salad Spinning Bags [amazon]

Spin ‘n Stor, Reusable Salad Spinning Bags - The Only patented reusable bag to Spin Produce & Herbs Dry. This reusable bag replaces the big, bulky, salad spinner. A Space Saver that fits in the drawer. No more wasted paper towels, no more searching for containers, as the reusable bag becomes your container. It is portable - you can take Salad To Go, to work picnic or store in the refrigerator. No extra bowls or containers needed. Produce and herbs stay fresher longer.


13. J.A. Henckels 2-Piece Mezzaluna Set [amazon]

Mince fresh herbs, garlic, onions and more using this set. A one-handed rocking motion is all that’s needed on your part. The classic, half-moon shape has a 5-in. blade made of high-carbon steel with a satin finish, 18/10 stainless steel handle. It comes with an 8-in. diameter wood bowl, sized to accommodate the curved blade. The mezzaluna is dishwasher-safe; hand-washing is recommended for the bowl.

J.A. Henckels 2-Piece Mezzaluna Set