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Most homeowners have long forgotten about the good old dish rack, so incomplete is a kitchen today without a built-in dishwasher. But dish racks can be the perfect chore-mate for tiny kitchens where space premiums–or budgets–don’t make a dishwasher reasonable, for the less-modern summer cabin, or for anyone who occasionally whips through a few dirty dishes between loads. Dish racks are usually equipped with slots and gaps so that dishes can be kept in a standing position and glasses can be placed upside down to facilitate the drainage of any water. In this post, we will present you with 10 Modern and Functional Dish Rack Designs. Hope you find it useful.

Try to keep your sink area tidy and neat? Check the 12 Sink Organizer Designs in this post. These well designed sink organizer can keep your sponge, dish brush, detergent in place. There are also to over-sink shelf, which not only reduce clutter but also add some storage room for your kitchen. With some handy organizer, your guests will definitely be impressed.

For the amount of use they get in our every day lives, sinks have evolved far beyond a faucet, drain and a basin. They?ve been hacked to include garbage disposals, dish sprayers, water purifiers and more. Beyond the functional elements, however, there have been great advancements in the aesthetic quality of the modern sink.