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Just think about how much money we spend on just one pair of shoes, it adds up. Before you know it there are thousands of dollars worth of shoes cluttering up the floor of the closet. However, find a good, safe place to store them can be a hassle. we rounded up 15 nice and useful shoe storage (shoe cabinet, shoe rack, shoe bench and shoe shelf) which might be helpful to keep your home clean and nice as well as eases the selection process each and every morning.

Already wore your slipper/sandals and wait for the coming of Summer? In this post, we rounded up 13 Innovative and Unusual Slippers and Sandals which allow you to walk around in style…Em, maybe, if we cross out unwearable bread slipper and disgusting-looking fish slipper. Bread? Fish? yes! Keep reading, you will find out what I am talking about. lol.

What we can except shoes do except normal walking support? Play the music? Make us climb steel rooftops as easily as superman? Communicate with satellite with GPS function? Or give yourself a foot massage anytime you want? You might think, yes, that sounds great. But when those will come true? 2012? Not, they are really real for you now? check this post and see the 9 high-tech shoes you have neven seen.