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With the invention of dryer, clothespins are used less and less for hanging wet washing, especially when you live in city. However, there are still many people prefer the traditional ways to dry their clothes. In this case clothespins are necessary. Here we handpicked 5 Cool and Fun Clothespins which are more charming than the ordinary peg. With those interesting shapes and characters, they are not only perfect for your wet washing but also memos, crafts and photos.

Cute and adorable stationary can always add a bit of spark to your desk. While our today’s topic, paper clip holder, can not only keep you paper clip tidy, but also adds a bit wit to your desk. From butt station to kitchen basin, from birds to nest, there are so many interesting creation of paper holders.

Back to school sale is on going and today we will join the trend and talk about stationary, like paper clip. A paper clip is usually a thin wire in a looped shape that takes advantage of the elasticity and strength of the materials of its construction to compress and therefore hold together two or more pieces of paper by means of torsion and friction.