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Hot weather is finally here and ICE COLD drinks are now a requirement for living! There is nothing wrong with our normal ice cube, but why not try some cool and fun ice cube to freshen up your drinks? Here we round up 9 Coolest Ice Cube Trays and now is time to rock out in the summer sun with an ice cold beverage. 1. Coolamari Octopus Ice Tray [amazon]

Who said ice cubes should be boring? Let’s add a splash of fun to summertime drinks with ice cubes in unique shapes and sizes. From a sinking titanic, to Ak Bullet, these twelve ice cube trays are definitely a fun, inexpensive way to add some cool to your next social gathering.

Enhance your evening or party with a stylish and functional ice bucket. Ice never looked so good in those ice buckets as well as it stays icy much longer. There are so many options, stainless steel, glass, silicone and plastic. They might have different color, style and shape, but they server the same function to keep your drink chilly and make your guests or you enjoy the drink more. It really doesn’t matter if you have more than one. And different designs can be used to compliment different barware or table settings.