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Summer is here and do you get yourself ready? AC is good, but stay all day in AC room isn’t really comfortable to me. Hence, most of time, I will turn on AC for a while then switch to fan. Yeah. I am actually a fan person, especially we have so many cool options for fan right now - floor fan, tower fan, mini/portable fan and even some special fan for your time on bed. Sounds good? Take a look at the 9 Cool Fans we founded for you. And hope you find it useful.

A thermometer is a device that measures temperature. It can be used in lots of place, indoor, outdoor, cooking, refrigerator. Except telling us the temperature, modern thermometer also has some extra function like weather forecast, timer, clock and decoration. We rounded up 15 Cool Thermometers in this post, hope you find useful.

If you enjoy spending time outside in the garden you?ll enjoy it even more if it?s full of gadgets. Here we look at many types of tools and gadgets, from advanced auto watering system to simple greenhouse kits. This poster is dedicated to gadgets that wouldn?t look out of place in any technology loving geeks outdoor room. And they are also great ideas for gifts for your favorite gardener, even if it’s you!

Lamp is not only for light, but also a very good gadget to decorate your cool home. This blog will present you with 14 creative and unusual lamp designs from around the world. Paperclip Lamp, Biosfera Lamp Vase, Yo-Yo Lamp, Peel Off Lamp all in this post, waiting for your exploration. Hope you enjoy! 1. Paperclip Lamp [link] When is a paperclip not a paperclip? When it?s a LED lamp by Teague, of course.