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It is easy to buy cookies but making your own cookies are whole more fun, especially when you have some really cool cookie cutter to play with. In this post, we rounded up 7 Fun and Cool Cookie Cutters, from ninja to skeleton, from mustaches to sugar skull. And you also can create some 3D Safari animals and Dinosaurs. How fun it will be to make those cookies with family!

Probably in the modern sense, cookie jar isn’t as important as old days, which we have no other ways to protect your hard baked cookies. But we both know there is something special about it, maybe just old memory about selecting that one “perfect” cookie from grandma’s cookie jar. But anyway, cookie jar is still a new addition to many kitchens. In this post, we prepare 6 Cool and Unusual Cookie Jars options for those who are interested to have a nice litter jar at home.

Though cookies are irresistible on their own, good use of a cookie cutter always adds a little something extra. Cookie cutters, especially seasonal ones like pumpkins, ghosts, snowflakes and autumn shapes, are so fun and versatile, it?s almost impossible not to incorporate them into your preschool holiday crafts! From Pac-Man cookies to Ninj posture, it won?t be too difficult to find an awesome cookie cutter after going through these fabulously shaped confections listed in this poster. So, forget the rule “don’t play with your food”, with these creative cookies cutter, you can play with your dough without any guilty.