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What’s so cool about a stool? And why are they all over the design mags these days? It’s a side table, an extra chair when you need it, an impromptu desk in front of the sofa, a beautiful light beside pool and a piece of art for you home decoration. Here are 9 Cool and Creative Stools Designs we prepared for you. Enjoy!

Set a new level of comfort and style in any space. Chaise lounges are crafted for relaxation and they add a defining presence. Take a look around the 10 Beautiful and Elegant Indoor Chaise Lounges we rounded up here for you. Fabric or leather, modern or traditional looking, let these beautiful pieces bring class and elegance to your home.

We all know kids like toys. They grow up with tons of different toys, but there is one of them are beloved by most of them - rocking chair. To have a rocking horse as gift is big dream for me when I was kid. While now, those lucky kids have so many options for their rocker: horse, crocodile, motorcycle and boat. Some rocker are designed to be used from Newborn-To-Toddler! Take a look at below 10 Cute and Lovely Kids Rocking Chairs and hope your kids will like one of them.

The style options in bar stools continue to expand every year. While the designs vary tremendously, two overarching themes in contemporary stools are consistent: an emphasis on artistic beauty and interesting seat designs. In this post, we will present you with 11 contemporary Bar Stool Designs, which are pretty exotic and futuristic designs and will definitely help to add high style to your home.

Someone once said “A chair should be more than simply functional. It should be friendly, fun and colorful.” I kindly agree that opinion… since we are spending lots of our time on the chair… But for some creative designer… these are still not enough. They want add some other features to chair design, like green, gaming, or not chair…lol.