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Even with all the digitization these days, most of us still have some books at home. To keep them in order, bookend is something helpful. Almost any object can be turned into a bookend. However, you can find some really cool and creative bookends, which will not only hold your books, but works as a great assert to your home decoration or provides some bonus function other than a bookend. Here are 6 ideas for cool homemade bookends to get you started.

These miniature book lamps can either clip onto your book or e reader so you can indulge your late-night reading habits without disturbing others or straining your eyes. With a surprisingly bright LED luminescence and adjustable angle fitment, they are as useful as they are cute.

Are you looking for cool bookends that coordinate with your room decor or are you looking for a great piece of art that doubles as bookends? Take a look at this post, where we rounded up 12 Cool Bookends to help you help holding up all those great books, and adding cool bookends does that with style.

Are your books all tatty with dog ears? Is your drawer full of boring and easily torn bookmarks? Take a look at 14 Creative Bookmark Designs presented in this post. There are so many useful functions provided by those designs, such as bookmark with LED light or Electronic Timer, bookmark can remember your last page as well as your last line, or bookmark you can play with and help to relief pressure. We also included some beautiful and collectible bookmarks. Hope you can find something you like.

As a book lover, I like to read it in an old fashion way ? read paper book. To avoid folding page, a bookmark is necessary. However, in today?s post, we will introduce you some advanced bookmark designs which not only show you where you drop the book but also with some extra function, such as, lighting, USB key, pen/highlight??