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If you pack a lunch, odds are you’re going one of two paths: the (wasteful) disposable bag, or some sort of grade school lunchbox. They are practical, but why not give a chance to those stylish and eco-friendly lunch bags presented below? These modern lunch bags combines designs, functions and safe materials with features perfect for stowing your favorite food, drink and utensils and stylish enough for most people to carry too.

Today, we will talk about some creative and unusual bag design. Compared with normal bag, they either have unusual looking like Xposed Handbag, or have some practical function such as Solar Bags that is capable of charging small electronic devices such as cell phones, iPods, or PDAs. Interesting bags, creative design, hope you enjoy! 1. Xposed Handbag [link] XPOSED! Get in touch with your inner stuff. bags subtly reveals the real you, as well as your spiked collar and snub-nose revolver.
Shopping bag, one of the most common items in our life, usually has a brand name or some regular shape? nothing special. While in this post, we will present you with 8 eye catching bags?there are turns of clear ads and some of them are really stunning. Enjoy! 1. Tom of Finland’s Shopping Bag [link] How cheeky is this shopping bag? The Tom of Finland bag makes you look like you are reaching for your very well-endowed ?