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Wood, as the material mostly used in furniture, is not commonly seen in our daily appliances any more. Usually, we will use plastics because it is cheaper, easier to produce or steel because it is more durable. Technologies of producing beautiful things from wood suffered greatly. While in this post, we will bring up some interesting designs which are made out of wood. If you want to have something unusual and natural, take a look at following items and hope you enjoy.

In this post, we will introduce your 12 wooden electronics… wooden + electronics?? Yes, usually, we see our electronics in metal, plastic and rubber. But in today’s post, we will see them covered with natural coat - wood. The idea behind the products are to get the maximum out of natural materials and make them as close to nature as possible. Most of them are handcrafted… Yeah, I guess it is not easy to manufacture those things in wood. My favorite one is the wooden keyboard that looks really awesome.