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As summer kicks in for our readers in the northern hemisphere, their thoughts may turn to camping. Where to go… what to do… and what gadgets to take! We like gadgets and love camping, so we did some search and found some useful camping gadgets and rounded up this list - 18 Useful Gadgets for your Camping.

What are the features of your dreaming tent? Durable? Comfortable? Lightweight? Convenient ? Easily-Installed? Or some high-tech function/material you never ever seen? In this post, 6 creative and unusual tents are introduced and hope you can find something you are interested and spice up your camping. 1. Solar Concept Tent [link] Taking their Chill-n-Charge tent to a whole new level, Orange has dreamed up a concept solar tent that would use flexible solar fabric and modern design to create a place to relax and charge up gear while off grid.