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Not sure are those really gifts for photography, but they are definitely some interesting photography inspired products. The Film Canister Toilet Paper Dispenser is fun for everyone and the lens shaped mug is cool as well. Take a look at these photography-related design, and probably it does meets your special gift request. 1.The Coffee Mug in the Shape of Nikon 24-70 Lens [amazon] Replica of Nikon 24-70 lens- stainless steel interior.

Photography enthusiasts are known for their piles and piles of gear. While we not talking those professional ones, and only focusing on those designs can be used and loved by every photo-taker. Here is our today’s topic 10 innovative and useful photographer gadgets and accessories. From double strap for two-camera shooters to Bottle Cap Tripod, from Waterproof Digital Camera Case to Shoot-Through Camera Bag, we know you will like it… since it is summer, it is photo time.