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If you’re always losing your mobile phone then this post is the perfect answer to your problem. The 9 Cool and Handy Desktop Mobile Phone Stands featured in this post ensure that your phone always rises above the sea of papers on your desk - for instant calling. Most of them are universal stand which means any handset fits in. Funky and original designs make them perfect for those who like to stand out. Hope you like this post.

Your iphone is so powerful, your iPhone / iPad is so fashionable, you want to do lots of things with it - Play game, play music, take photo, watch tv…Just as there?s an app for almost everything, there?s an accessory for almost every need ? be it protecting your iPhone / iPad, turning it into a multimedia powerhouse, or even using it as a fancy camera. In this post, we will feature 11 Cool and Fun Accessories for iPhone and iPad, which have some super cool features. Hope you enjoy these accessories and of course, enjoy your iPhone / iPad more.