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It has been said that music is the universal language that transcends boundaries and brings people together all over the world. Because of the impact and inspiration from music, there are a lot of products dedicated entirely to the theme or concept of music. Here we have 12 Cool Music Inspired Kitchen Accessories. Now, you can listen as well as play the music during your cooking or enjoy your meal with those cool musical instrument shaped designs. Enjoy!

Music has the ability and power to create a pleasure which is necessary for human beings. So is the human?s love for music that they want to show it off in the every possible manner. May be that is the reason for the popularity of musical notes inspired designs. In this post, we rounded up 10 Musical Notes Inspired Products, so you can show your love for music with these interesting design.

Headphones are great things. They let you listen to Lady GaGa/ Britney/ Rebbecca Black (well, somebody must..) without anyone hearing you and judging you. They have been given so many functions and moved beyond those functionality to stylish high end accessories. In this post, we will present you with 11 cool headphones/earphones and each of them have some special features. Hope of like these designs and of course, enjoy your music.

Yeah, I know there are lots of ipod, itouch, maybe ipad fans out there… It seems we don’t need any other MP3 player at all. But is that true? For me, I would like to see some special and unique MP3 players which might only do one simple thing - play music and come with reasonable price! So, here is our topic today: 13 Unusual MP3 Player Designs. Some of them come with unusual shapes or special functions. If you are one of those anything but iPod, guess you might like to see it.